Accent Lighting: DIY Headboard Lighting

I often find myself redecorating my room more often than I should. Anything from adding wall decor, to rearranging furniture, or even trying to take on a good DIY project, I feel as though there is always something I can add or change. Last week I decided I needed a better light for reading at night. Instead of heading to Ikea and looking for a table lamp or tall lamp, I decided to transform my headboard into a unique multi-functional piece! I simply added a single flexible LED strip on the inside of my headboard; using a small plug in power supply and push button dimmer instantly changed my boring headboard into a useful task light!

accent lighting headboardThe Process:

  • First I attached the Solderless Tiger Paw LED Connector to the end of the Super Bright LED Flexible Strip closest to the power supply.
  • I then drilled two ¾ inch holes in the back of the headboard so I could hide any wiring.
  • After running the power supply through the first hole, I attached the push button dimmer to the power supply. I chose to conceal the dimmer switch out of sight but within reach. The adhesive backing really makes it stress-free to have your system customized to your liking.
  • Next, I drilled 2 small holes inside of the headboard so the LED flexible strip could run right through the top. (You don’t have to do this. Instead, you can simply run the flexible strip up and over any board or placer).
  • After running the LEDs through those holes, I mapped out exactly where I wanted them to stick, removed the tape as I went along the upper part of the headboard, and simply applied them to the base.

accent headboard lighting The Results:

The total installation time took roughly 20 minutes. No mess or stress was involved and I ended up with a great modernized headboard which can be easily controlled to my liking.

This DIY lighting isn’t limited to headboards. You can use LED strips to light underneath bed frames, which gives the appearance that the bed is floating. You can also light behind the headboard for a glowing accent effect!

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