Tutorial: Lighting Around Your Kitchen Appliances

From fridges and dishwashers, to ovens, cook tops, and microwaves, kitchens are home to some of our most useful household appliances. When adding under cabinet LED lighting to a kitchen, however, the placement of some of these appliances (specifically microwaves and range hoods) can sometimes pose an issue. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios for maneuvering around these appliances to ensure that your kitchen gets the full seamless lighting system it deserves.

Y Cable

appliance tutorial microwave y cableThe teal cable in the diagram to the left is a Y cable, aptly named for the shape of the split. This type of cable allows separate cabinets to be powered and controlled by a single source, in this case, allowing a single switch to control the LED lights to the left and the right of the microwave. Our standard Y cables have a single male end that branches into two female ends, each measuring 4” in length. We also offer custom Y cables which can be made to your specifications, including varying lengths, and your choice of female or male ends. .

Interconnect or In-Wall Cable

hood tutorial lighting around applicancesDepending on where the power source is located, other layouts can be joined by a simple interconnect cable or an in-wall cable.  Standard interconnect cables can be fed directly through surrounding cabinets, but some kitchen setups like those with a freestanding hood don’t allow for much to be hidden. In this case one might be better off using an in-wall cable which can be kept out of sight.

Whether remodeling or modifying your kitchen, working around existing appliances can make the task seem complicated. Here at Inspired LED we do our best to help you find success with affordable reliable and efficient products!

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