Light Up the Night – LED Accent & Toe Kick Lighting

When the day is over and everyone is tucked in for the night, you may come across a certain urge that springs you out of bed, randomly be reminded about something that you just must write down for the next day, or maybe you just want to check in on loved ones while they dream the night away. Whatever the situation is that you so promptly must take care, let us help light up your path and dream up new ideas in the wee hours of the night….

We have all heard the term “night light” and think of that funny character plugged into the outlet that we used to rely on to fight off the monster under the bed, but as adults, we now refer to it as “accent lighting”. These quick and simple solutions can save a lot of stubbed toes, loud crashes of artwork being bumped into, or even a personal crash down a few poorly lit steps. You may be shaking your head and saying, “Why would I waste money on a dimly lit LED strip that hardly anyone will ever use and on energy to power it?” Well the truth is, LED light strips use less energy overnight than your phone charger. So, let’s refrain from waking the newborn up with a blast of light in the hallway because you forgot to lock the backdoor.

Here are a few examples of how accent and toe kick lighting can benefit you:

toe kick light accent lighting

For the late night snack-

Having some toe kick lighting along a dark hallway or under the stairs can save you from bruised shins and stubbed toes. Feel free to leave it on all the time for a modern touch around the house. Accent lighting also uses very minimal energy, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your home’s energy costs.

For the dark bathroom visit-

Installing a strip of light underneath bathroom cabinets or above counters can turn your late night bathroom trip from a light-blinding experience to a pleasant experience. Add a strip of colored toe kick lighting to your kids’ bathrooms to add a little fun!

For the clumsy walker-bathroom accent lighting toe kick

Adding accent lighting behind a piece of artwork on the wall or around a sculpture can eliminate the chances of a clumsy late-night walker knocking into your valuable art and breaking it. In addition, accent lighting can bring out unique features in your artwork that you may not have noticed before.

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