Defining Accent and Task Lighting

The subject of lighting itself can be daunting, and even hard to comprehend if you are unsure what you are trying to deal with.  Accent lighting, task lighting, toe-kicks, ambient lighting, color temperature, hard light, soft light, hot spots, kicks, lumens, watts, and volts etc. This list of lighting chaos could go on forever! Let’s bring it to two simple topics that are both relevant to almost every home and are easy to understand: accent lighting and task lighting.

glass faced cabinet lighting accent lighting or task ligthing

Accent Lighting: Cabinet Displaying various Bottles and Vases.

Accent lighting is used when you are trying to accentuate and object or an area. This type of lighting allows you to show off and display items that deserve a little boasting: ranging from significant art pieces, inside glass faced cabinets, or just simply some above cabinet lighting. Accent lighting gives the full potential to something that might have had poor lighting, or no lighting at all before. For example, a handrail would be a great thing to illuminate to improve functionality, and have it stand out more of a thought out design piece. You can get creative as you would like to with accent lighting in order to draw attention to something that is often ignored, like behind your TV. Recommendations with accent lighting would be to put a dimmer with it as well, so when you are done showing off your unique new area it can be dimmed down, and used as a night light.

kitchen under cabinet lighting great task lighting

Task Lighting is best used for places that help you perform a certain task or create something that needs great attention to detail. We like to call it “read a book by lighting” because the task lighting should be bright enough for you to read directions and perform a detailed visual task. When regarding office lighting, kitchen under cabinet lighting, and even workshop lighting, this is where you frequently encounter the common areas of task lighting. Under cabinet lighting for example, would be a great place to use our Ultra Bright LED Flexible strips and possibly even incorporate a dimmer, so when needed the task light can transition into an accent light!

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