Video | Magnetic Switch

The Magic of Magnetic Switches – A Cabinet’s Best Friend

This video explains how to install Inspired LED’s Magnetic Switch, which simply installs in-line between your power supply and your lights.

The magnetic switch is a simple accessory that allows the LEDs to turn on and off based on magnetic contact. This tool allows you to use a plug in power supply with either our flexible strips or any of our panels.

You will simply need:

Begin your set up by plugging the power supply into an outlet. Then, plug the power supply connector into either input on the magnetic switch lead. Then, you will connect the interconnect cable to the other open input on the magnetic switch lead. Once this is done, you can simply plug in the interconnect cable to your panel or flexible strip. Your set up is now complete!

The LEDs will now respond to magnetic contact, switching on when the magnets are pulled apart, and will turn off when the magnets are close together.

Where Can I Install My Magnetic Switch?

Magnetic switches can be used in a variety of applications. Common uses for the magnetic switches are in deep drawers, closets, pantries, and on the inside of large cabinets and can be great for a lazy-susan corner cabinet.  The magnetic switch allows for interior lighting when you need it most. The magnetic switch is also a great accessory to add on to a simple plug in kit for panels or flexible strips. It comes with adhesive to be mounted in any direction, and its compact size allows it to squeeze into tight spaces.

LED Drawer Lighting using Magnetic SwitchAlternatively the magnetic switch can be set to run in opposition; the lights remain on while the door or drawer is closed and turn off when opened. This allows you to constantly light up areas when needed, and gives you the ability to turn the lights off when opened or unneeded.

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