Benefits of Using Radio Frequency to Control LED Lights

The Power of Wireless Control

Tackling an LED project is much easier than one would be led to believe. People often associate LED projects with high cost components, and time consuming installations. With today’s technology, this is far from the truth. Installing an LED system can be as simple or complicated as the research you put into it. The strenuous task of getting into the walls and tearing backsplashes apart can easily be avoided by remembering the simple tool of Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Control. Using Radio Frequency control through our Dimmer with Wireless Remote allows you to operate your LEDs from anywhere using a simple handheld remote.Radio Frequency Wireless Remote for LED Lighting Products

What exactly is Radio Frequency? It’s a communication system based on laws of physics that describes the behavior of electromagnetic energy waves. RF works by creating electromagnetic waves at a source and being able to pick up those electromagnetic waves at a particular destination. These waves have the ability to travel great distances and penetrate through, and around objects.

How does this benefit you? Remember the days when you had to get into the ceiling, basement and walls to fish cables? Those days are over. The dimmer with wireless remote gives you total control of an entire LED system from a single handheld remote, regardless of large gaps, windows, doorways, or any large breaks within the system. The beauty of RF is the ability to create several independent systems that operate as one.

What does this mean for you? You’re able to synchronize several areas of your LED project without ever getting into the walls or outsourcing your installation. This also means that your remote doesn’t need to be in eyesight of the controller box (like a TV remote) in order to work.

Radio Frequency with Wireless Remote for LED Lighting ProductsAnother neat future to using RF control is the option to control the LEDs via Wi-Fi. This is easily done by downloading an App on your Android or iPhone and adding a Wi-Fi controller into the system. The Wi-Fi controller simply plugs into a USB port independent of the LED system. It’s a simple as connecting to a Wi-Fi signal, opening an App, and letting the fun begin.

Radio Frequency Wireless Remote for LED Lighting Products

Radio Frequency is a powerful tool that can save you from hiring a contractor, electrician, or local handy man. If you’re looking for a system that requires several areas, and no way of physically connecting them, remember wireless Radio Frequency control for your next LED project.

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