Video | Dimmable Transformer

This is a demo for installing a dimmable transformer in a cabinet.  Use a licensed electrician for 110-volt home wiring projects.  You can view our spec sheet for the wiring diagram.  In addition, use a Lutron low voltage magnetic dimmer with our transformer.  See our spec sheet for a list of approved units.

How To: Install a Dimmable Transformer in a Cabinet

  • Mount the transformer in a cabinet, under a sink, or in a pantry.   The transformer needs room to breathe.   Never cover or mount your transformer in wall.
  • Since the transformer’s accessible, we are using an armored cable to go from the transformer to a switched outlet.  The armored cable is a 3/8-inch easy flex whip.  Cut the armored cable to the required length, re-install the end connectors and snap into a metal outlet cover.
  • Attach the armored cable to the switched outlet, knock out the hole in the transformer and install the other end of the armored cable.  Attach the wires to the transformer.  See the wiring diagram for color-coding.
  • Now wire the low voltage LED wiring to the transformer. The 12-volt positive side is red and the negative side is blue.  When wiring using Inspired LED’s cables, you will cut off one end of the connectors. Separate and strip the wires and look for the white lettering.  The white lettering is going to be the positive side of the cable.  Connect your Inspired LED cables to your transformer.  Make sure that your positive wire is going to the red cable and your negative wire is going to the blue cable.
  • To keep your output wires stable you can use a plastic connector that snaps into the side of your transformer.

If you have trouble installing your transformer, feel free to email us at or call us during our business hours at 480-941-4286.