New Year: New House

The holidays have come and gone, the decorations have been cleaned, and the normal routine is slowly falling back into place. It’s time to start the New Year with a clean slate.

With all the hustle and bustle of family coming and going, holiday cheer being spread, and celebration in overdrive, did you notice any neglected areas of your home that seemed to get a little extra attention during the holidays? Doesn’t it make sense to give those areas some attention throughout the rest year?

Under Cabinet Lighting

While you may not want to go overboard by leaving the multicolored string lights up around the house, something a bit more subtle, like under cabinet LED flexible strips will add depth and sophistication to your home all year long. Highlighting a clean counter space after the holidays will give your home a fresh look for the New Year.

new year new you : kitchen remodel with led lighting

Above Cabinet Lighting

Putting the knickknacks back up above the cabinets can be a simple task, but why not highlight those features? Installing LED flexible strip lighting behind those upper cabinet charms is a great way to show them off. Be sure to run the lights behind them to eliminate any shadows and LED dots on the pieces themselves.

new year new house blog

Accent Lighting

Often times we see an island in the kitchen that has been left out when considering a new LED lighting system. This area may be used for throwing the daily mail on top of, and is usually a gathering place for conversation amongst friends. Simply upgrading that popular space in your home with LED strip lighting beneath the counter top can spark joy and intrigue for your guests all year round.

These little tips and tricks for accent lighting will be sure to keep your spirits high all year long, and truly impress that little elf that is still sitting on your shelf!


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