LED Stick Figure: DIY Halloween Costume

UPDATE: This article was published in October of 2014, since then we have discontinued making the costume kit. We apologize for any inconveniences.  

Do you need a simple yet distinct costume this Halloween? Look no further! Our DIY Stick Figure Costume is the solution to your costume worries this year.This Kit allows you to have your costume assembled in minutes and only requires a few items! This fun costume is unisex, and will fit all ages and sizes! Keeping children safe on Halloween night is a must, this costume allows you to spot them anywhere!

LED stick figure halloween costume

Required Items for Costume:

  • One DIY LED Stick Figure Lighting Kit
  • One 9V battery
  • Clothing (we recommend a wearing a dark sweatshirt and pants)
  • Dance Moves! (Just kidding!)

Clothing and Battery not included in kit.

Optional items:

  • Wooden Embroidery Hoop to create the round face shape (can be found at most craft stores for $1-3)
  • Needle and Thread (for those who are planning on being extremely active in the costume) You can stitch down sections of the flex so it remains in tact!
  • Glue – an alternative if you aren’t good with a needle and you are planning on being active you can always use some hot glue!

We are currently offering the kit in 4 colors, white, red, blue, and green!

The kits are available from our Amazon Store as well as our online store.

For a full installation guide check out our simple how-to video here.

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