No Project Too Big for RGB Color Changing LEDs | Las Palmas Resort

Color Changing LEDs at Las Palmas Resort

Las Palmas RGB Color Changing LED Lights in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

The 12V color changing LED system has always been a feat to conquer. Building large systems typically requires extensive design and engineering knowledge, and can be quite a brain-racking endeavor. The balance of power consumption and voltage drop play a key factor into the design work behind any color changing LED system. But, a project recently came our way that has changed our entire outlook on color changing LEDs.

The Project

Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) in Mexico has been a growing destination point for travelers worldwide. Beautiful resorts line the beach front for nearly a mile across the coast line. The smallest of these resorts is Las Palmas. Las Palmas can be quickly overlooked and hard to find for first time visitors. The resort’s Home Owners Association contacted us with the idea of lighting a giant sign that would be fixed to the top of one of their resort towers. The linear feet of light required for the project was over 600 feet.

Our initial reaction to the sign was puzzlement and confusion. How were we going to power this massive sign and make the installation procedure seamless and easy?  The sign needed to be user-friendly enough for a non-electrician to install. In fact, the hotel maintenance crew would be handling the entire installation.

The Execution

In the beginning, we cycled through a number of powering and control options. What we knew about large color changing LED systems wasn’t holding up against the monstrosity of the sign. We seemed to run into dead-ends with each attempt. Issues ranged from creating mismatched colors, to not having enough power, to determining if the product we were using was even the right product for the job.

Through much trial and error, we discovered a solution that broke new ground in our color changing design processes – a solution where a single handheld remote can control over 1,100 watts powering 1,400 color changing puck lights. Through a series of amplifiers, 3 DC power supplies, and one standard RF wireless remote, we were able to achieve the largest color changing system in our company’s history. The Las Palmas sign now stands out among the surrounding resorts, lighting up the night sky with its beautiful colors.


Be on the lookout for our new Color Changing LED Power Pack. It will incorporate all of the needed modules and components to complete nearly any color changing system imaginable. An added bonus to the Power Pack will be built in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing the user to control the system from a smart device.


This project serves as another testament to Inspired LED’s products and services. Feel free to contact us with any project, big or small, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate lighting solutions. Browse our website, or contact our design team at to get your next project under way. And if you happen to find yourself in Rocky Point, you won’t help but notice our hard work in action.