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As a U.S. based manufacturer of LED lighting and accessories, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with some wonderful local companies, and to see some of the fantastic work they do with our products! One of our newest customers, Nogi Electric, recently completed a massive lighting project for the 3rd Avenue Palms Apartments in Phoenix. This large outdoor installation required a wide range of lighting products, including direct spotlights, LED strip lights along architectural features and security gates, as well as colored accent lighting and custom fixtures for walkways.

Let’s explore how this project came together, and learn a little bit about how LED lighting can be used to enhance any outdoor space!   

outdoor led planter lighting

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Planter Box Lighting

Many business and residential complexes feature planter boxes in courtyards or entrance ways. These are relatively simple elements of decor which nonetheless can add a lot to the visual appeal of on outdoor space. Unfortunately this appeal is easily lost in the dark, so the designers at 3rd Avenue Palms worked with Nogi Electric to come up with a clever solution. Planter boxes throughout the property and along each path were lined with Warm White outdoor 12V weatherproof strips. The indirect lighting provides each box with a subtle glow, highlighting the assorted flowers and plants in each, even at nighttime. This type of outdoor lighting is common in commercial and residential applications, and can easily be run on a DC or AC system.


Colored Accent Lighting

led sign lighting

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As with any apartment complex, it was important to the team at 3rd Avenue to ensure that building numbers and addresses were not only clearly labeled, but visible even at night. So the electricians at Nogi helped devise a plan to backlight each of the custom metal signs adorning each housing unit. Using Ultra Bright Blue LED Lighting in our outdoor weather-resistant silicone sleeve, they lined the backside of each sign, providing a nice contrast to the brushed metal. The end result was a modern decorative feature with the added function of guiding visitors quickly and easily through the property.


gate accent led lighting

Photo by: Carly Weekly Photography

Gate Lighting

For added privacy and security, the 3rd Avenue Palms complex has a number of gates located at each walkway, as well as at the main entrance to the drive. To help residents navigate at night, each of these gates were lit with Inspired LED outdoor warm white flexible strips, adding both a measure of security, and a modern look to the grounds.

Each of these small lighting elements combine to provide this new apartment complex with a fun, yet functional, modern atmosphere that is sure to make an impression on residents and visitors alike. Thanks to our friends at Nogi Electric for sharing their hard work, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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For more information on Nogi Electric check out their website here. Nogi Electric is a local company based out of the Phoenix area. Nogi specializes  in troubleshooting, lighting design, and new lighting installation.