Fall Lighting Ideas: 7 Rooms in Your House That Need LEDs Now!

7 Rooms in Your House That Need Light Now | Fall Lighting

How to Make Sure Your Home is Fully Prepped for the Holidays with Fall Lighting…

We have officially reached the month of November: a time for harvest festivals, colorful leaves, and of course, pumpkin-flavored everything!

Fall is under way, and we know how quickly the holidays will follow close behind. So this is the year, get a jump on all your home preparations before visitors come to town, not just with cooking and cleaning, but with some new decor that will make your house look stunning all year long!  To give you a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular rooms in your home, along with some suggestions for places to add a little accent lighting. Scroll through for some ideas on how to brighten up your home this fall!

1. Your Living Room or Family Room

It’s the place your family gathers after a long day of work or school, the room where you entertain your friends and guests. Your living room is one of the most active rooms in your home, and as such, it should be comfortable and inviting. Try soft ambient lighting, reminiscent of firelight, for a look that’s particularly easy on the eyes and helps to evoke a sense of relaxation.
Ideas for this room: TV backlight, bookshelf lighting, cove lighting, art or sculpture lighting, display case lighting.

LED Fall Lighting for Living Room and TV this Fall
2. Outdoor Space

While some may be bundling up for snow, for others, fall temperatures still provide an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to light up the outdoor barbecue, or making preparations for winter, Inspired LED’s weather-resistant outdoor LED strips can help you get the job done. Ideas for lighting this area: accent the eves of your home (see photo below), illuminate the patio, gazebo, or porch, line the edges of planters, fences, and pathways for ease of access all year round.

LED Fall Lighting for Outdoors this Fall
3. Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is perhaps the most important part of the home during the holidays, not only for cooking up family favorites, but often for visiting with guests as well. One of the most popular locations for adding LED task lighting is under cabinets, which is especially useful this time of year when you’re trying to read grandma’s old recipe cards! But don’t forget about adding accent lighting to places like: above cabinets, inside glass cabinets, under toe kicks, and around islands or breakfast bars.

LED Lighting for Kitchen Cabinets this Fall


4. Entertainment Room or Bonus Room

Entertainment rooms should be just that, entertaining! Add some color to these fun spaces with some color-changing LED lighting, courtesy of LED Lighting Expert Inspired LED’s design team. Color-changing RGBW strips can help set the mood for any occasion, from holidays to football games at the simple press of a button. Simply fill out a design request form with some basic information, and our designers will help you create a custom lighting system that’s sure to impress your guests! Some ideas for these rooms: accent lighting for wet bar, pool table lighting, TV backlighting, cove lighting, theater-room lighting, display lighting, and more.

LED Lighting for the Entertainment Room this Fall


5. Bathroom

Bathrooms are easy to forget about when it comes to lighting, but some of the most beautiful lighting tends to come from the most unexpected places! The addition of LED lighting to bathroom mirrors, shelves, or other architectural accents will not only make a stunning impression on the design of these areas, but will also make the room all the more functional when it comes to getting ready for the next holiday bash! Install lights in these places for the biggest impact: behind the mirrors, under the vanity or cabinets, under the bathtub, in cove areas, or in toe kick areas (for an added nightlight!)

LED Lighting for the Bathroom this Fall


6. Home Bar

Like the other entertainment areas in your home, you’ll want to make sure your home bar is not only well-stocked, but well-illuminated with some fantastic lighting! Whether you go for a classy warm white glow, or a full-color display, LED lighting can help set the mood for any celebration, from a Christmas cocktail party, to a Superbowl blow-out! Ideas for this area include: TV backlighting, under-bar lighting, shelf lighting, inside glass cabinets, under glass bottles to illuminate them, cove lighting, and anywhere else behind the bar!
LED Lighting for the Home Bar this Fall

7. Kitchen: We know we listed it twice, but really… it’s that important!

Seriously! LED lighting and kitchens are like milk & cookies; they were made for each other. Cooking becomes much easier when you can actually see what you are doing (we promise)! If you forgot why kitchen lighting is so important already, scroll back up to #3.
LED Lighting for Kitchen Cabinets this Fall

Whatever your plans for the upcoming holidays, a little LED lighting around the house is sure to help make the season bright! For more information on lighting your home for the holidays, feel free to contact us at orders@inspiredled.com or visit our project page for more inspiration.


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