Outdoor Lighting Project: Gazebo

gazebo lighting

Long summer days have led to warm summer nights, the perfect time to make the most of your favorite outdoor spaces! And whether that ends up being your deck, patio, pool, fire pit, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen, LED lighting is the perfect way to enhance your time outdoors. Recently, Inspired LED helped one of our customers add a little light to their backyard . We love seeing the end results of completed home projects, so let’s explore this brand new gazebo featuring Inspired LED lighting!

gazebo designDesign and Installation Phase

For this project, the homeowner wanted to light various areas of the gazebo, including the handrails around the outer edge, the cove ceiling, and the top level of the pagoda. Of course, since this was an outdoor application, the lights themselves needed to be weatherproof, and he wanted to be able to assemble the project himself, so he worked with our Design Team to devise a custom DIY system utilizing Infinity Outdoor LEDssolderless connectors, and interconnecting cables, . Another important factor was being able to dim and control the entire system from a universal location, so our design team recommended a dimmer with wireless remote.

In order to help the customer achieve all these requirements, our lead Designer, Grant, began by creating a custom layout detailing the specifics for the install. The design on the left depicts the layout in it’s entirety, including all three levels of lighting, and accessories needed to complete the project! After just a few days of finalization, the order was completed and shipped out. The customer was able to successfully install the products with ease, completing his project on time. (Those who work in construction, or remodeling know this, in itself, is never an easy task!)

The End Resultgazebo

The project is now completed, and looks stunning! The Normal Bright Infinity Series Outdoor LEDs really add a beautiful ambiance to the space. Varying tiers of light create an ascending glow, balancing the shadows nicely without becoming overwhelming. The space is bright enough to serve as a main light source, but dim enough to set the mood for a relaxing summer evening outdoors!

To learn more about our Infinity Series , or to view other outdoor lighting options, visit our website at inspiredled.com. For more information or assistance with your new LED system check our free Design Services, or contact a designer directly by email at design@inspiredled.com .