Five Summer Lighting Ideas

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With summer 2015 officially underway and rising temperatures approaching, many of us are looking forward to the fun activities, events, and plans that come along with warmer weather.  Whether you are entertaining guests, preparing a feast for a party, or escaping the heat indoors, there are many ways that LEDs can help enhance your summertime activities. Here are 5 places in your home where LEDs can help you make a splash this summer!

1. The Outdoor Space-

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Many of us venture outside in the summer months to light up the grill and hang out around the patio. Whether it be Memorial Day Weekend, the 4th of July, or just a relaxing weekend at home, our outdoor spaces will likely get a lot of use in next few months. Fortunately, we have all the bases covered for you this summer with our new Infinity Series outdoor LED flexible strip lighting. These LED’s can provide just the right amount of light to assist in night time grilling, allowing you to show off your skills while providing a wonderful ambiance to set the mood for you and your guests. Give your patio or porch an upgrade by lining stairs and handrails, or, try using outdoor LED lighting to border your gazebo or pergola. A little imagination can go a long way to create a magical space where you and your family can spend breezy summer evenings.


2. Entertainment Rooms-

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Whether it’s a billiards room, a lounge area with a wet bar included, or a comfy theater room, LED lighting can be a great help in taking things from bland, to grand this summer! The entertainment room is all about fun and excitement, so why not highlight it with some accent lighting that showcases the main feature? If this is the room where everyone goes to beat the heat and watch a classic movie, TV back-lighting can provide additional visual appeal while helping to reduce eye strain.The entertainment area can also be a place for adults to unwind with friends after a long day. Bring some color to the mix around the wet bar for a kick starter to a good time and great conversation. Color changing RGB flexible LED strips are always a surefire way to get the party going!


3. Garage and Workshop-

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The long days of summer could mean the perfect opportunity to complete that project that has been taking up space in your garage or workshop, but these often under lit areas can make even the simplest tasks seem daunting. Inspire yourself to get to work with some LED task lighting. Many of the under cabinet LED lighting kits offered on our website are the perfect solution to help bring those dark areas to life!

Maybe your style of project is geared more to crafts and sewing. If that’s the case, our highly popular Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit will be the perfect assistant for you this summer! With just a simple installation, you can get an extra dose of light right where you need it the most, on the actual machine! Don’t forget to also include some extra task lighting in your crafts room with our mountable angle adjust tubes that can direct light right where you need while you’re working on your next crafty project.


4. Kitchen-


To some, summertime is the perfect excuse to break out the recipe book and try an eye-catching new dish. Reading through the fine print of all the ingredients and procedures in a cook book can be extremely frustrating when you’re working with a new recipe, or trying to prepare a meal while balancing several hungry kids. But not to worry! The simple addition of some under cabinet lighting can provide the perfect amount of task lighting needed to see those hard to read recipes, and it’s a great way to show off a newly renovated kitchen.

Summer is a fantastic time to renovate an outdated kitchen set-up with a new look. If that’s the case, hardwiring your LED lighting system using our new E-series dimmable transformers is a great way to seamlessly incorporate LED’s into your new layout. Our easy-to-install flexible LED strip lights can help you to quickly and easily highlight the unique design features of your kitchen, just in time for the arrival of your summertime guests!


5. Closet-

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Dusting off shelves and cleaning out closets is an unchanging activity in the long summer days when trying to beat the heat. While getting organized and cleaning out an old storage closet you may come across items you may have forgotten about, and it’s time to put them to use! Don’t let those hidden treasures be lost in clutter again after adding some LED strip lighting along the sides of a dark cabinet or closet to help illuminate those deep cave-like shelves.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, let Inspired LED help you light up the fun with our energy-efficient, easy to use products! For more information about Inspired LED, or for help with custom lighting designs, visit our website at, or contact us via email at