New Product: E-Series Dimmable Low-Voltage Transformers

Among the many new products we have and will be introducing to you this month, like our new pure white shade of LEDs, and our new Mega Bright flex strips, there is another product which we are proud to welcome into the Inspired LED family: the new E-series Dimmable Low-Voltage Transformer from Magnitude.

magnitude2One of the primary benefits of LED lighting, of course, is energy efficiency. While old-fashioned lighting fixtures are designed to run off of standard 120 volts, most LEDs require just 12 volts to operate. So the first step in any low voltage lighting project is to take the high voltage 120VAC lines from your house or business and convert them down to 12VDC. This is where a transformer comes into play.

There are two main types of low-voltage transformers: magnetic, and electronic, both designed in different ways to accomplish the same goal. Without delving too far into the world of electromagnetics, the basic principles are as follows…

In a magnetic low-voltage transformer, high voltage lines are wound around the transformer core into a primary coil which induces a magnetic flux through the core. Another coil, the secondary coil is also wound around the transformer core. As the magnetic flux of the core flows through the secondary coil, a voltage is induced on the output. The exact output is dependent upon the ratio of windings around the primary coil and the secondary coil.

Similarly, an electronic low-voltage transformer operates by use of a transformer, albeit a considerably smaller one. This reduction in size is accomplished by operating at a significantly higher frequency, in the range of 50,000 Hz (or cycles per second) while standard transformers rely on the frequency of 120V home power lines, which, in the U.S., operate at 60 Hz. Increasing frequencies allows a magnetic core to transfer more power, so the transformer core can be significantly smaller while still performing the same amount of work.

While different types of transformers can be considered ideal for different applications, our new E-series electronic dimmable low-voltage transformer includes a variety of exciting benefits. With its sleek new design, smaller profile, and easy mount backing, this new and improved styling is a definite improvement on the standard bulk of the average transformer. But it is underneath the surface where things start to get really exciting.

For years, anyone who has dealt with hardwiring LEDs has grown accustomed to hearing the repetitive rule of using a low-voltage magnetic transformer with a compatible magnetic low voltage (MLV) dimmer. This exclusive pairing of products restricted not only the brand but the style and appearance of the switch customers had to choose from.

Now with the E-series transformers, customers and electricians will be able to choose from a much wider range of compatible wall dimmers; our current list includes over 150 different models! This opens up a whole new world for designers and do-it-yourselfers looking to match existing hardware, as well as those searching for a new, more unique type of wall switch. We have already had tremendous success with rolling out this newest addition to our product line, and we are excited about all the doors it has the potential to open.

To learn more about our dimmable low-voltage transformers, or to view complete lists of compatible wall dimmers, visit our website at For more information or assistance with your own hardwired LED system check our free Design Services, or contact a designer directly by email at .