3 Easy Steps to Selecting the Ideal Color Temperature

There is an overwhelming amount of information that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing new LED lighting. “Which product do I need? How can I hard wire? What color temperature do I want my lights to be?” Before your head starts to spin, here at Inspired LED we do our best to provide straightforward guides, to ensure that those hard to digest materials are consolidated into a clear and accessible format for everyone! Let’s take a deeper look into color temperature, and the three most important features you need to know.

1. Understanding “Color Temperature”

Correlated color temperature, by its definition is the temperature of a black body at which it emits the light of a specified spectral distribution used to specify the color of a light source. What does that exactly mean? This refers to the color of light we see.

color temperature

This spectrum above is an simple guide to determining the color of existing fixtures- or which light preference you have. The above range is VERY warm to VERY cool. You can find the Inspired LED products above and their respective temperatures.

2. Why Color Temperature Matters

As noted above all whites are not the same. If you are planning on replacing existing fixtures, or matching overhead lighting, knowing the color temperature is vital. For example, if your overhead cans or track lighting are within an ambient warm white range, you most likely would not want to incorporate Cool White under cabinet LED lighting. If you are unsure about what you want, that is okay! Buy one of each to test the colors out to make sure you are getting exactly what you want! Once you have made your decision you can send these unused samples back for a refund.

3. Choosing what is best for YOU

For most projects we suggest warm white, and it’s safe to say about 90% of our customers go this option. Warm white is preferred in living spaces, kitchens, and provides a relaxing and comfortable light. Cool White is more similar to a fluorescent light and is preferred in commercial or industrial applications. This is a great choice for a stark bold modern look, also perfect for retail display cases! Pure white is our newest color option and is between Warm and Cool lighting. Due to its neutral white color it can go almost anywhere!

For more helpful  information regarding LEDs , check out our FAQ page or other LED Buying Guides! Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have at 480-941-4286 or orders@inspiredled.com