Get a Smarter Home With Inspired LED

Recent advances in technology have brought us closer than ever to living in the homes of the future. Already the market for home automation devices has expanded greatly, from Wi-Fi enabled security systems and thermostats, to voice controlled appliances and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The introduction of universal devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have allowed the average consumer to build their own integrated systems with a variety of different smart products and components.

More and more often, we at Inspired LED are asked about how to integrate our lights with these and other “smart home” devices. The good news is, yes, there are ways to sync your new Inspired LED low voltage lighting system. The better news? Thanks to some cool new products on the market, it’s now easier than ever to make it happen!

The following systems have been tested and approved for use by Inspired LED’s quality assurance team. Read on to see which set-up will work best for you!

Plug it In:

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For a simple plug-in system, we recommend the WeMo Insight Smart Plug from Belkin. This handy little device plugs into any standard wall outlet, creating a new Wi-Fi enabled receptacle from which you can power, track, and control appliances or lights (like ours). The free WeMo App allows you to use your smartphone, or other web-capable technology, to turn connected devices on or off, create customized schedules and sync with other smart devices for full-home integration. It can even be paired with Google Home or Amazon Alexa for the added benefit of hands-free voice control.

When it comes to using the WeMo Smart Plug with an Inspired LED lighting system, installation is as easy as plug & play! Together these products make a highly efficient and cost effective set-up for anyone seeking basic smart home set-up. The only downside to this solution, as with any plug-in LED system, is that it cannot be dimmed from the high-voltage side. This means that while the outlet will allow you to turn the lights on and off remotely, it will not allow you to adjust the brightness.

The upside is, you don’t have to give up the ability to dim your lights entirely- an in line dimmer or remote will still give you this level of control when you’re in the room, and your most recent settings will be retained when using your Smart Plug. Click here to learn more.


Hit the Switch:


If you you’re looking for a way to control your LEDs locally from a dimmer switch on the wall, and remotely from a Wi-Fi device, you will need to start by following the standard layout for a hardwired dimmable lighting system. High voltage lines from your desired wall dimmer switch will be connected directly to a low-voltage dimmable driver before continuing on to your lights. Selecting a “smart switch” with Wi-Fi capability will enable your new lighting system to be programmed and controlled remotely via internet connection.

For this type of application, we recommend the Decora Smart Switch from Leviton. This switch has been tested and approved by Inspired LED for use with Magnitude brand Magnetic and E-Series Transformers. This is a winning combination sure to help you get the most out of your lighting system.

Using the My Leviton app, you can set daily schedules for lights to turn on, off, or dim. Customize your lights with adjustable fade rates, and sync with other switches to create different light scenes. The Leviton Smart Switch even integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for automated voice control, even when dimming (ex: “Alexa, dim the kitchen lights to twenty-five percent.”). Visit the Leviton website or click the links above for detailed instruction videos on how to install and pair this switch with different devices.


This type of system may be a bit more expensive than its plug-in counterpart, but it certainly has its benefits when it comes to convenience! The Leviton Smart Switch is now available for purchase through Inspired LED’s website, and will be coming soon to our Amazon store in a convenient bundle pack!

For further information and assistance with integrating your new Inspired LED system into a smart home, take advantage of our FREE Design Services. Work with an expert Lighting Designer to get exactly what you need for your project. To learn more about Inspired LED products and smart home solutions, contact us at or call us at 480-941-4286.