The NEW 2-Zone Independence Dimmer

When it comes to designing the perfect dimmable LED system for your home or business, the first question is always one of power and control: how are your lights going to be powered, and how would you prefer to control them?

Typically a low-voltage LED system can be laid out in one of two ways. The simplest set-ups utilize a low voltage plug-in power supply combined with a compatible “in-line” switch, dimmer, or remote. The primary benefit to these types of systems is their ease of install, which rarely requires the services of an electrician, and can often be completed the same day your order arrives.

If there is a disadvantage to these plug & play systems, it is that these in-line controllers lack the perceived permanence and familiarity of a standard wall switch. To achieve this more traditional method of control, LEDs must be powered using a hardwired dimmable transformer connected directly to the high voltage lines of a compatible wall dimmer.

But while this type of system may be a bit more integrated into the home, it can also be quite a bit more expensive especially after adding in the cost of hiring a licensed electrician.

So what if you want to get the look of a hardwired system without all the extra hassle? Are you doomed to choose between the best of both worlds?

Not anymore!

Introducing the new 2-Zone Independence Dimmer System from Inspired LED. This innovative line of control devices combines the convenience of a plug & play installation with the appearance of a hardwired wall dimmer switch. Utilizing energy-harvesting technology, wireless switches send RF signals to a variety of multi-zone receivers, enabling low-voltage LEDs to be turned on, off, or dimmed from anywhere within a 30 meter range.

Released back in 2015, Inspired LED’s original Independence Dimmer was designed as a solution for those locations where in-wall wiring was not possible, or not desired. The initial product launch was highly successful, with customers and contractors eager to take advantage of this convenient new control system. After several years of sales, our research & development team, together with our lead engineer began to evaluate ways in which the Independence Dimmer could be improved.

So what’s new?

The Indy Dimmer 2.0 now features increased versatility through the addition of dual-zone control from a single receiver. This means it’s easier, and less expensive, to create custom layout specifically tailored to your home or business. Control all your LEDs together, separately, or cross over with multiple control options for multiple locations. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Sound like the system for you?

The new 2-Zone Independence Dimmers and Receivers are on sale now at Single and Dual switches are available for universal or split-zone control, depending on your desired layout. Receiver units can be purchased in either a 3.5mm plug-in model for use with standard plug & play interconnect cables, or if you (or your installer) prefer, in a screw-terminal model for use with bulk 16-22 AWG cable.

All Independence Dimmer components are sold separately, and must be programmed upon receipt. Fortunately, this is a simple process–instructions can be found here—as well as on any Independence Dimmer product page. Visit our website for detailed specifications, or contact us for more information!

To learn more about this and other innovative lighting control solutions, visit us at Not sure which type of system is right for you? Take advantage of our FREE design services today to get a complimentary layout and quote from our expert Lighting Designers. It’s never been easier to bring your ideas to light!