Accessory of the Week: Magnetic Switch

AccessoryoftheWeekWhen it comes to creating the perfect LED system for your home or business, a few extra touches can make all the difference. Inspired LED offers a variety of technical tools and accessories which can make your lighting system fantastically functional and especially unique!

MagSwitchThis week, we analyze the features of our Magnetic Proximity Switch, a convenient accessory which allows our LED lights to turn on and off with a change in magnetic contact. Most commonly, this accessory is used to trigger lights when a cabinet or drawer is opened or closed.

The Magnetic Switch is, perhaps not surprisingly, made up of a pair of magnets encased in small plastic housings. One of the magnets is set up to connect directly to both the power input, and the light output. This is referred to as the “wired side” of the switch. The other magnet stands alone, and is designed to be attached to the mobile side of a door or drawer. This is referred to as the “unwired side” of the switch.

When the two magnets come within 1 inch or less of one another, the wired side of the switch is triggered, allowing it to shift the lights either on or off. For the most common applications of cabinets and drawers, the Magnetic Switch is wired in the N-O, or “normally open” position. This means that when the area where the switch is mounted remains closed, the lights stay off. It is only when the door is opened, and contact is lost, that the magnets will trigger the LEDs to turn on.Normally Open

Conversely, the Magnetic Switch can also bewired in the N- C or “normally closed” position. In this set-up, the lights remain off as long as the magnets are apart from one another. It is only when the door is closed and the magnets make contact that the switch will turn the lights on. This style of switch is most commonly used in areas like glass cabinets or display cases, allowing lights to turn off when kitchen users or customers need to look inside without being overwhelmed by the glare.Normally Closed

In either set-up, installation is as simple as plugging in a power supply and connecting to the wired side of the magnetic switch (Note: the magnetic switch is designed to work with plug-in power supplies ONLY, it cannot be hardwired). From there, an Inspired LED cable is used to run directly to the first set of lights. The magnetic switch combines easily with Pro Series, and Designer Series Deluxe or Super Deluxe Kits, as well as with flex strip custom systems.MagSwitch2

To learn more about the Magnetic Switch accessory, click here. For assistance designing your new LED system, or to learn more about how to incorporate the Magnetic Switch into your existing LED layout, contact our design team by visiting us at , or email us directly at .