Updated Kitchen Project: Spexarth Design

new kitchen remodel with inspired led lighting

Spexarth Design, based outside of Wichita Kansas, is a contracting & remodeling group specializing in a variety of services from carpentry work, drywall, and tile, to paint, architecture, and interior design. At the end of 2015, Spexarth Design used their expertise to complete a home remodel, involving a wide range projects spanning across multiple rooms. Their efforts transformed the Wichita home from drab to fab, resulting in a particularly stunning kitchen! Let’s explore what changes they were able to make within the space and view the spectacular results!


spexarth design kitchen4

A brand new, natural stone surface was added to the back-splash surrounding the entire kitchen. For a bit of decorative contrast, designers at Spexarth added a framed border featuring unique oval tiles behind the stove top. The selected tiles feature a subtle iridescent shine, which helps to make this element really stand out against the neutral stone. This particular piece creates a distinctive visual element to the space when combined with the white hood over the range.

New Hardware
spexarth design finishing touches

In addition to the back-splash, Spexarth Design also upgraded the kitchen with new counter tops, and new hardware for the cabinets. The combination of the rich woods with the neutral stone made for a unique blend of the contemporary and traditional. Small areas were also touched up with paint to give the kitchen a clean new look!


spexarth design electrical

As a finishing touch to the new kitchen, designers at Spexarth Design took advantage of pre-installed electrical outlets to add in some energy efficient LED lighting from Inspired LED. Pure White flexible LED strips were installed both above and below the kitchen cabinets. The under cabinet lights providing easy to use task lighting, perfect for reading cookbooks and preparing meals, while the upper cabinet lighting provides a simple, yet dramatic accent which really balances out the decor of the new kitchen.

Overall, the well-planned design and careful execution of this project really brought this kitchen to life, making it both a beautiful an functional space sure to be enjoyed by homeowners (and visitors) for years to come!

For more information on Spexarth Design check out their website here. Feel free to explore all the photos from the kitchen remodel on Houzz. For any questions please contact us at 480-941-4286 or email us at orders@inspiredled.com.