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Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered! Part 3

frequently asked questions

Here at Inspired LED, we are constantly inundated with questions about our products. Everything from general inquiries about LEDs, to questions about power and specific products seem to be extremely common. Below we take a moment to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions that tend to be asked by our customers. Hopefully we can provide a concise answer to all of your questions here!

Question 1: “I just received my sewing machine kit. Am I missing my second light strip with the expansion kit?”

Sewing Machine LED Lighting KitIf you are unfamiliar with Inspired LED’s Sewing Machine Kit, this kit offers a cut to length light strip with all the hardware needed for a single machine. We also offer a Sewing Machine Expansion Kit which is an add on for this set. The expansion kit includes all the hardware needed to utilize the leftover LED flex from the first kit to light a second machine. A common misconception is that the expansion kit should include it’s own light strip. This is incorrect. We designed the Sewing Machine Light Kit to be long enough to use on two separate machines, and since the strip can be cut every three LEDs, this is very easy to do! Check out our YouTube installation video here!

Question 2: “My lights are flashing on and off, why? Is my power supply bad?”

flashing lights gifIf your LED lights are flashing, this could mean a few things,but most of the time, this indicates that your power supply is being overloaded. If your LEDs are drawing too much power, this is usually the first symptom. The system might work for a few minutes, hours, or even days, but eventually the the power supply will no longer be able to withstand the strain of being overloaded, and its internal mechanisms will begin trying to switch off . To prevent this problem, you need to be sure you are using the appropriate size power supply or transformer for your system. To help you determine which power supply you need, be sure to reference our power supply chart which can be found here, also located throughout our website’s product pages within the description boxes titled “How much Power do I need?”.

Question 3:”I just got my lights and opened the dimmable transformer, and there is nowhere to plug in my cable. Am I missing a piece?”

How to 3The hardwire transformer is a direct wire system. It does not have a direct 3.5mm connector like our plug-in power supplies, rather the output connection requires wire-nuts to connect to the low voltage line. After wiring the transformer to the high-voltage lines from your wall switch, your electrician will need to connect the transformer to the low-voltage LEDs using one of the Inspired LED cables included with your kit, or purchased separately. This is as easy as cutting off one of the 3.5mm plugs and wire nutting it directly to the transformer: red to positive (+), blue to negative (-). For more in-depth instructions on this process, read our blog on how to hardwire a transformer!

For more FAQs please check out our long list of FAQs on the site here. If you have specific questions about our products and services, you can visit our website, contact us directly through email at, or give us a call at 480-941-4286.

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