Halloween Lighting Ideas

From costumes to decorations and everything in between, a little lighting can help to take your Halloween from freaky to freakin’ fabulous! And if you’re going to be adding light, you might as well do it right (because even witches, goblins, and ghouls can appreciate “going green”). So, with this in mind, here are some ways to get spooky this year with the help of energy-efficient, cost-effective LEDs:

  1. Homemade Costumes: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to create a spectacular Halloween costume this year. There are hundreds of ways to enhance your Trick-or-Treating experience with flexible LED strips.  Flex can easily be used to enhance any costume, from glowing ghosts and twinkling fairies, to radical robots and more! Use our 9V In-line Battery Connector for a fun, eye-catching display, while adding an element of safety in darkened neighborhoods.
    DIY Costumes
  2. Pumpkins: Bring the old tradition of pumpkin decorating into the twenty-first century by trading in those old tea-candles for low-voltage LEDs! Whether you decide to paint or carve, LED lighting can add a whole range of exciting elements to your creation. Single color flexible LEDs (white, red, green, & blue) can be combined with our 9V In-line Battery Connector to create blinking, fading, or strobing effects. Try out RGB color-changing flex to allow your pumpkin to fade through every color in the rainbow!
    Jack o Lantern
  3. Indoor Home Décor: A little light can go a long way in creating that extra spooky feel for a haunted house or Halloween party. Line shelves or hallways with Normal Bright Green LEDs to create an eerie glow. Or, for an especially chilling effect, try Super Bright Red! Ultra Bright White LEDs can be mounted around windows to create fun silhouettes, or draped beneath a white sheet to create gleaming ghosts by the front door. Our 12V Cut & Connect Kits come in a variety of colors, and include everything you’ll need to put together a simple DIY LED system!
    Indoor Decor
  4. Exterior Home Décor: When it comes to transforming your front yard into a haunted Halloween hot spot, Inspired LED offers a variety of custom solutions. Our expert Design Team can help you to create a weather-proof system of white, or colored LEDs, perfect for welcoming Trick-or-Treaters up your walkway or on to the front porch. String a spooky spider web, give your graveyard scene a little accent lighting with our durable weather-resistant Outdoor LEDs, or add a little colored lighting to a cauldron to make a magical brew. Check out this video from Creative Lighting Displays for some epic inspiration!
  5. Trunk-or-Treating: This fun take on the old tradition has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years, especially among schools and churches. If you are looking to step up your car’s Halloween décor this season, LEDs are a fantastic solution! Our in-line battery connector can provide several hours of eye-catching lighting effects off a single 9-Volt battery, allowing your Trunk-or-Treat display to make a big impression even after sunset!
    Trunk or Treat

There is no limit to what you can create when you combine the power of your imagination with Inspired LED’s simple, versatile lighting products.  To get more inspiration for your next lighting project, be sure to check out our gallery here, or, if you are ready to get started on a more complex application, contact our Design Team for a free layout and quote!