Get Inspired: Pumpkin Carving with LEDs!

LED Halloween Pumpkin Contest

By now, most people know that there are many great things about LEDs! Their low-voltage energy efficiency and cooler operating temperatures not only help to save money on monthly electric bills, but it also allow them to serve an ideal light source for some less than conventional applications.

For the past few years around the holidays we at Inspired LED have experimented with a variety of creative ways to use our lights in adding to the celebration. From colored backlight displays to costumes and trunk-or-treat ideas, we’ve discovered there is almost no place where LED strip lights do not look at home!

This year we decided to step up our game by hosting our first annual Inspired LED employee pumpkin carving contest! The rules were simple; each department was given a 13” carvable craft pumpkin (available at Michaels—a great alternative for squeamish kids or those with pumpkin allergies who still want to joint in the fun!). The goal was for each team to create a unique carving and to light their pumpkins using LED strips (which was perfect, since craft pumpkins are not to be used near open flame).

Over the past week, our departments have been hard at work, and now we are thrilled to bring you the results! Scroll through the designs below for some spooky inspiration, and visit us on Facebook or Instagram to let us know who you think the winner should be. The final votes will be tallied October 27th with the first place winners to be announced on Halloween…

UPDATE: As of October 31st the results are in! Check out our winners in order below…

Department: Marketing & Accounting
Title of Entry: “Sugar & Spice (& nothing nice)”
Celebrating their love of Mexican-American culture and El Dia De Los Muertos, our Marketing and Accounting departments collaborated to create this gorgeous sugar skull pumpkin, featuring Normal Bright Pure White LEDs, with some single color accents around the flowers!

Department: R&D & Engineering
Title of Entry: “Witch Power Do I Use?”
For their pumpkin design, the Research and Engineering departments took on one of our industry’s most frightening questions with a tricky twist! They utilized Super Bright White and Green LED Strips to create this bewitching display!

Department: Order Fulfillment & Manufacturing
Title of Entry: “Haunted Houzz”
When it came time for our Manufacturing and Fulfillment team to show off their stuff, they took their soldering skills to a whole new level with this 3-D  house of horrors. Inside you’ll find everything from color-changing LEDs to 21 LED Pro Series panels, and even a custom made mini-streetlight!

Department: Customer Service
Title of Entry: “Pumpkin, Inc.”
Our award-winning Customer Service Team went all out for this challenge, crafting up a spooky new service member to help spread the word about LED lighting! With limbs made from custom green Angle Adjust Tubes, and a bag-full of LED strip samples, he’s sure to make some sales this Halloween.

Department: Design
Title of Entry: “Sick of RGB”
Inspired by our Lighting Designers’ very favorite projects, this queasy pumpkin is sure to raise some hairs this Halloween! The team utilized color-changing LED strips along with an RGB remote control to create this highly evocative display, celebrating one of our most popular (and most complicated) products.

Department: Owners
Title of Entry: “2 Heads are Better Than 1”
Our CEO and General Manager decided to put their heads together to create this unique pair of pumpkin profiles. A collection of Super Bright LEDs, puck lights, and custom Radiant Edge fixtures were used to bring these cheerful faces to life!

We hope you enjoyed the first annual Inspired LED pumpkin carving contest. Comment below or visit us on Facebook or Instagram to vote, and if you find yourself inspired to create an LED pumpkin of your own, be sure to check out our colored LED Sample Kits on Amazon.

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For more ideas on using LEDs to decorate your home or business, visit our gallery here. Or if you’d like some assistance planning and quoting your next lighting project, take advantage of our free Design Services to work with one of our expert Designers, and eliminate the guesswork!