Harvesting the Power of Wireless LED Control

wireless LED control enOcean and Inspiredled

At Inspired LED, we strive to stay a step ahead of the competition when it comes to creating reliable low voltage lighting systems. We offer top quality products at affordable prices, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to service and innovation. Our Engineering Team has earned dozens of patents for our unique products, setting an industry standard with our solderless Tiger Paw® connectors, and low voltage LED control systems.

Perhaps the most popular of our controllers is our versatile Independence Dimmer. This unique LED dimmer incorporates an energy harvesting switch and a radio frequency receiver module to wirelessly dim multiple lighting zones. It sounds fancy, because it is!

The technology as a whole is a step above standard RF products available on the market, but it is the design of the wireless switch which makes it a real rock star.

Inspired LED sources the “brains” of our switches from EnOcean, a German company specializing in the self-powered Internet of Things. Their products utilize energy harvesting technology, which enables maintenance-free data solutions for intelligent networks in commercial buildings or automated homes. So let’s take some time to see what this new technology means for your next LED lighting system!


Wireless Energy

The internal circuitry, or “brains”, of the Independence switch allows instant communication to occur between the switch and the receiver unit.  When pressed, the kinetic energy applied to the switch generates enough power to allow an RF signal to be sent to a remote receiver unit. This means the switch does not need to be wired to anything, and does not require batteries!

As a result, installation is a breeze, allowing the switch to be installed in a standard switch box, surface mounted directly to your wall, or even left as a mobile remote control. This system will turn the lights off, on, and has a full range of flicker-free dimming.

enocean switch

Flexible Zones

As of August 2017, we introduced a new 2.0 version of the Independence Dimmer after our Engineering Team upgraded the design to allow multiple units to be controlled from a single receiver (our previous 1.0 model would have required one dual switch and two separate receivers). This new dual zone control is especially handy for controlling under and upper cabinet lighting separately. It can also be used for lighting different rooms, or different floors of a building, depending on your project needs .


Limitless Possibilities

The number of receivers that can be paired with an Enocean technology switch is essentially limitless! This means you can have multiple switch locations controlling the same lights, without having to walk all the way across a room to turn them on/off. Or, you can have one master switch that controls all of the lighting, from multiple receivers in different locations throughout a home.

enocean wiring

Having worked with Enocean technology for the past few years, LED Lighting Expert Inspired LED sees great potential for integrating new functions into the Independence Dimmer system. Our Engineering department continues to experiment and develop new upgrades for this product, including additional zones, Bluetooth control, and home automation integration.

We are so excited to see the results of their efforts, and can’t wait to share new versions of this technology with our customers in the very near future!

To learn more about this and other new Inspired LED products, be sure to visit us at www.inspiredled.com, contact us via email at orders@inspiredled.com, or call us at 480-941-4286.