New Product: Radiant Edge Series

radiant edge rigid panelInspired LED is proud to announce our new Radiant Edge Series custom light panels.  This innovative new design features a slim profile is sure to impress, combining effortless style and great light output at 120 LEDs per meter. These panels are perfect for under cabinet LED lighting, office lighting, garage lighting, and much more. Let’s explore what features make this system unique!

Sleek Profile

The Radiant Edge Series panels are custom made to fit perfectly in your home. The conventional design allows them work under framed or frame-less cabinets, providing a sufficient amount of task lighting through a diffusion lens. This covered panel also allows for easy cleaning, protection from splashes, and keeps the LEDs out of reach for small hands!

Eliminated Dot Effect

radiant series under cabinets

Some have criticized LED lighting for the reflection of the individual diodes on counter tops and other high-gloss surfaces. In the past we have remedied this issue by mounting light strips on the lip of the cabinet facing the back splash instead of directly down to the counter. Now, thanks to the ingenious design of the Radiant Series panel, individual LEDs cannot be seen from the exterior. This ensures there will be no dot reflection from a granite or stone counter top, just a consistent radiant beam of light.

Connection Choice

radient edge series connectors

The most significant feature of the Radiant Edge Series light panel is its ability to be customized not only by length but also by connection type. In order to best meet your lighting needs these panels can be terminated using;

  • Plug In 3.5mm X 1.3mm connector- This connector fits our interconnect cables, power supplies, and is the same connection as our Pro Series, Designer, and Flexible Strip products.
  • Screw Terminal Connector- Similar to our Screw Terminal Connector plugs and Tiger Paw version, this connector allows your to terminate a bare wire directly into the terminal.
  • Hard Wire bare lead-This bare lead will allow to to directly wire to a dimmable transformer, or wire-nut to an existing cable drop.

The Radiant Edge Series is yet another great under cabinet LED lighting solution from Inspired LED. If you would like to incorporate this lighting system into your home feel free to directly contact the design team for a free layout and quote.

For more information or questions about our new products, please contact us at or feel free to call us anytime at (480) 941-4286. We look forward to hearing from you!