Tips and Tricks for Your New Lighting System

Frequently we hear from our customers “I want the absolute best lighting system”, and we can say without a doubt “not a problem”. Over the past six years we have learned a lot about ourselves as a company, and even more about our products. Experience has taught us how to hone in on exactly what customers want, which is what makes us so successful! Below are some simple tips and tricks that we have found to make any lighting system perfect!

Problem: Dangling Cables

Everyone has some, and no one wants to see them. We have a few solutions for this very common problem.

  • Cable Clamps: These handy little clamps come with an adhesive backing and can also be mounted with screws. They have a small clamp that can capture and hold up any extra cable wire.cable clamp tip and trick
  • Exchanging cables: Our kits come standard with 3′ cables. Unfortunately most kitchens are not built with the same measurements. We have found that 3′ cables provide enough length for most kitchens, but you can always exchange cables if they are too long or too short!

Problem: Dots

That brand new granite counter top is shiny; really shiny, and it’s reflecting every single diode on your panel or flexible LED strip. To fix this issue we have a few different options that can help reduce or eliminate the “dot effect”.

  • Adjust the mounting: Conventionally it makes sense to have a light strip facing down directly at the counter top. This is best for task lighting, and is also best for the reflective angle of the LEDs, however it is one of the main causes of the “dot effect”. Instead try placing the lighting on the lip of the cabinet facing the back splash. This will greatly reduce the reflection, show off your detailed back splash, and still provide great task lighting!
  • Alternative Product: Our brand new Radiant Edge Series panels boast a sleek design, and a diffusion lens that eliminates the reflection of individual diodes. Our Designer Series Panels are also a great alternative

Problem:You don’t know what you need!

Luckily for you this is something we are really good at helping with!

  • Contact us: We are always here to help guide you to what you need. You can reach us on social media, email, by using our live chat feature on the website, or just giving us a call!
  • Free Design Services: Our design team is ready for your kitchen, office, bathroom, garage, or whatever project you have lined up. They can provide a free layout and quote, so you don’t have to do any of the hard work!display tips and tricks

For any additional information, or tips on how ensure you have the best system possible shoot us an email: or give us a call 480-941-4286.