Accessory of the Week: New White Screw Terminals

New Patented Tiger Paw LED Connectors

For the past few years, Inspired LED’s patented family of LED Tiger Paw® connectors have set us apart in the world of low-voltage lighting. Developed by our owners and lead engineers here in Tempe, Arizona, these handy little accessories have allowed homeowners and electricians alike to build custom LED systems using little more than a pair of scissors!

Our Plug-in Tiger Paw® connectors, featured in our popular Cut & Connect Series kits, are designed to quickly and easily combine with standard interconnect cables. By comparison, our Tiger Paw® Screw Terminals are favored by contractors and other lighting professionals for their ability to terminate LED strips directly to bulk wire, saving time and money without the need for proprietary plug-in cables.

The latest addition to the Tiger Paw® family is the largest and most robust of all the connectors yet. Designed to support the growing needs of our customers and installers, the White Tiger Paw® Screw Terminal is a higher profile option with a convenient wire-release port to make installation a breeze, even in hard to reach places.

Boasting our patented, industry-proven locking system, and heavy-duty screw terminal technology, this connector is ready to take on the biggest and baddest lighting projects.

Let’s examine some of the convenient features of this new product to see how it works, and where it can be best put to use in an LED system…

Tiger Paw LED Screw Terminal Step 1



1. To get started with this Tiger Paw® Screw Terminal simply measure the available space and cut your flexible LED strip to length along the closest available copper solder pads.



Tiger Paw LED Screw Terminal Step 2


2. The White Screw Terminal provides a secure connection to any 12V-24V (8mm-10mm wide) LED flex. Gently pull open the black latch, insert the end of your exposed flex strip between the black latch and the beige bridge piece, then slide closed.


Tiger Paw LED Screw Terminal Step 3



3. The largest of our connectors, the White Screw Terminal is designed to accept 16-22AWG solid or stranded cable. Before inserting your stripped wire, be sure to use a small flathead screw driver to loosen the screws on both ports.

Tiger Paw LED Screw Terminal Step 4



4. This connector does not have pre-assigned polarity, so there’s no need to worry about matching the positive side of your flexible LED strip to the Tiger Paw® itself. Instead, when inserting wire, just remember to match the polarity of your cable to the polarity of your flexible LED strip (positive to positive, negative to negative). If polarities are not properly matched, current will not be able to flow and your lights will not turn on.

Tiger Paw LED Screw Terminal Step 5

5. Once the wires have been inserted, tighten the screws back down and test functionality by connecting to a 12V or 24V power supply (depending on the voltage of your selected LEDs). If needed before, or during installation, the top end of the White Screw Terminal connector may be removed and used as a “quick-release” port for your wires. Just be sure to fully re-insert the port each time (failure to make a secure connection may result in overheating at the connection point).

Tiger Paw LED Screw Terminal Step 6


6. The White Tiger Paw® Screw Terminal offers a robust connection that’s easy to work with and easy to tuck away. The detachable wire port makes it perfect for installation in those hard-to-reach places, while its larger profile makes it ideal for building fixtures like our Radiant Edge Panels.


The new White Tiger Paw® Screw Terminal is now available for purchase through the Inspired LED website, over the phone, or at our walk-in location in Tempe, Arizona. Check out the product spec sheet for more information!

To learn more about this and other new Inspired LED products, be sure to visit us at, contact us via email at, or call us at 480-941-4286.