March Magnitude Madness

Every year just before spring, the nation is swept by the basketball frenzy known as March Madness. For three weeks we watch in anticipation as the best of the NCAA Division I teams compete in a dramatic single elimination tournament for the championship. Our favorite schools go head to head on the court; young stars rise to make or break victory for their teams. And one by one, winners and losers are divided from the selected sixty-eight, down to the final four.

Whether we’re diehard fans or annual viewers, the basketball buzz seems to follow us wherever we go, and Inspired LED is no exception!

As our staff began to look forward to the 2018 championships, and many of us started to print out our official brackets, we noticed a similarity to the organizational system we’d been using internally to select and recommend the best power sources for our LED systems. Since earning our status as the largest distributor of Magnitude brand drivers in Arizona, we’ve been gearing up to launch a new round of additions to our product line.

So in homage to the upcoming NCAA championship we decided to have a little March Madness of our own.

Magnitude LED Drivers from Inspired LED

Over the course of the next month, we’ll be releasing a range of new Magnitude LED drivers in our top four categories: the M-Series Magnetic Transformers, E-Series Electronic Transformers, T-Series Multi-output Magnetic Transformers, and L-Series LinDrive Transformers.

Each week we’ll take a look at the stats for our Magnitude teams, including key features and recommended applications, while introducing the newest players in each category. By the end of the month, customers will have access to more than ten new LED drivers, along with a wealth of detailed instructions and product guides.

Perhaps best of all, throughout our March Madness celebration, ALL Magnitude transformers will be discounted 10% off their retail value through our online webstore (see our special’s page for details). Whether you’re interested in trying out one of our new products, or just looking to stock up on “old-reliables”, you can save big on your purchase through Inspired LED!

We’re excited to continue expanding our inventory of Magnitude brand products, providing reliable dimmable power for our LED systems. And we look forward to indulging a little college b-ball fun in the process!

So break out your brackets and get ready to follow along as we make our way through these power rankings…

Let the March Magnitude Madness begins!

To learn more about Magnitude drivers and other great products available from Inspired LED, visit us at or contact our award winning customer service team at . Need help planning your LED system? Take advantage of our FREE Design Services to get a custom layout and quote from one of our expert lighting designers!   



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