March Magnitude Madness Week 1: Magnetic Transformers

The build up to the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament is officially underway, with teams around the country eager to learn whether or not they will qualify for the Big Dance. While participants in the ongoing Division I conferences fight for their place in the tournament, the remaining 36 wait to be selected by committee this Sunday, March 11th.

As we keep an eye on the ongoing action in the world of college basketball, we prepare for our firstweek of Magnitude Madness here at Inspired LED. And to tip things off, we’re starting our overview with a veteran team of products: the Magnitude M-Series Magnetic Transformers.

As the first series of Magnitude products to make an appearance on our shelves several years ago, these heavy-weight bad boys are perhaps most familiar to our staff and customers. Featuring direct-wire connections with a built-in j-box, input knockouts, and sturdy keyhole mounts for installation, these Magnetic Transformers are a convenient solution for powering low-voltage lighting systems just about anywhere.

Like all the power sources we sell, its primary function is to convert the 120V AC from standard in-home wiring down to an LED-friendly 12V or 24V DC.

Magnitude’s Magnetic Transformers accomplish this by taking the input of a high voltage line and winding it through a primary copper coil around a laminated steel core.  This creates what’s known as a magnetic flux in the core, around which a secondary coil is also wound. As this magnetic flux flows through the secondary coil, it produces a proportional output voltage—in our case, either 12 or 24 volts which can then be used to power corresponding LEDs.

As far as technologies go, Magnetic Transformers are classic right out of the electrician’s playbook. They tend to be a bit bulkier than other types of transformers as a result of the heavy metal components inside. And the larger the power output, the bigger the transformer physically needs to be in order to handle the higher wattage. But because of the simple, passive nature of the M-Series transformer, they are generally able to handle larger loads than their more active counterparts. (Inspired LED currently offers up to a 12V 300W—that’s enough to power more than 150 feet of 12V Ultra Bright on a single transformer!) The passive nature of these magnetic transformers also means they typically have a longer lifespan than active-circuit power supplies.

Of course, most important when considering a transformer is the type of compatible dimmer which will be used to control it. Magnitude’s M-Series Magnetic Transformers are designed for use with Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) dimmers like the Lutron Diva sold through Inspired LED. Matching your transformer to the appropriate wall dimmer will help to ensure proper operation and longevity of your LED system. A full list of compatible MLV dimmers can be found here.

Once a dimmer has been selected, installation of a Magnetic Transformer requires just a few wire-nut connections to complete. (Homeowners—since this process involves high voltage lines, we always recommend it be performed by a licensed contractor or electrician—for your safety and the longevity of your lighting system, leave this part to the experts!)

All Magnitude M-Series Magnetic Transformers are ETL listed and certified to CSA standards. They feature dual protection circuit breakers on both the primary and secondary sides; some models function automatically, others with a manual push-to-reset buttons.

We offer Class 2 models in our 12 Volt 40W and 60W, as well as in our NEW 24 Volt 40W, 60W, and 96W. In addition, as a part of March Magnitude Madness we will also be adding NEW 12 Volt and 24 Volt 200W Magnetic Transformers to our inventory!

For more information on the M-Series Magnetic Transformers available at Inspired LED, be sure to visit our website’s product pages, where detailed spec sheets are available for download.

Be sure to check back in with us next week as we continue through the ranks of Magnitude Madness with the E-Series Electronic Transformers. In the meantime, don’t forget to take advantage of Inspired LED’s March Magnitude Madness Sale, and save 10% on the purchase of any Magnitude Transformer now through the end of the month! See our specials page for more details.

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