Sewing Machine Lighting Kit Giveaway


The Inspired LED Sewing Machine Lighting Kit has been one of our best selling products since its launch back in 2014. This convenient kit utilizes Inspired LED’s simple plug & play components, along with adhesive-backed flexible LED strips to create a DIY lighting system for any sewing or quilting machine.

sew kitThe kit includes a power supply, a strip of Super Bright Cool White LEDs, an in-line switch, and a pack of cable clamps. The unique design of our LEDs allows the flexible light strip to be cut to size, providing just the right amount of light for any sewing machine in just a few minutes, and significantly reducing eyestrain even after hours of detailed stitching!

This product was “sew” popular, in fact, that we quickly developed a Sewing Machine Expansion Kit as an add-on to the initial LED Lighting Kit. This expansion pack includes a power supply, an additional cable, switch, and spare cable clamps- everything you’ll need to make use of any leftover flex to light a secondary sewing machine at half the price!SewingKitGraphic

In honor of National Sewing Month, and in celebration of our ever-popular Sewing Light Kits, we are excited to announce the kick-off of our Sewing Machine Lighting Kit Giveaway on Facebook.

Follow these simple steps to participate for your chance to win!

  1. Follow Inspired LED on Facebook, be sure to keep an eye on our page for product updates, and information on other promotions or giveaways.
  2. Each Monday (September 7th – 28th), look for the Sewing Machine Light Giveaway prompt posted on our Facebook page.
  3. Enter the weekly contest by responding to the prompt with a post, and tagging one (or more) friends in your reply.
  4. All participants will be entered into a random drawing to win a free Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit of their very own, and our lucky winners will be announced each Wednesday!
  5. If you are selected as our weekly winner, we will quickly get in touch with you to gather shipping information, and your free Sewing Machine Lighting Kit will be sent out A.S.A.P.!

To learn more about Inspired LED’s Sewing Machine Lighting Kit, or for more information on our Facebook Giveaway, contact us by calling 480-941-4286, or emailing