Newly Patented Solderless Tiger Paw LED Connectors Make Waves in Lighting Industry

Custom LED projects have been left to the professionals for years. The introduction of Inspired LED’s newly patented Solderless Tiger Paw LED Connectors will help you understand that LED lighting systems can be created with a simple snap of your fingers.

LED lighting has been viewed as a growing technology, but still very difficult to understand and conceptualize as a functioning system. People often contact electricians or contractors who are new to low voltage lighting, and typically complicate the simplicity of LED lighting. With our new connectors, it’s really as easy as measuring a cabinet space, cutting a flexible LED strip, applying a solder-less connector, and supplying power.

The newly patented Tiger Paw LED Connector is truly unique for a few reasons:

  • The Tiger Paw LED Connector provides its own strain relief, virtually eliminating the chance of a faulty connection
  • The Tiger Paw LED Connector is integrated onto the PCBoard: this allows for the flexible strip to adhere to the board providing another reliable connection
  • This is the 30th patent for Jim Levante, the Owner of InspiredLED

Newly Patented Tiger Paw LED Connector from Inspired LED

Creating LED systems can now be done regardless of how much electrical knowledge you currently have. Much of the beauty of LED systems is that it is only 12 volts of electricity. This takes away the scary thought of electrocution and harmful effects of getting zinged with 120 volts from the typical house wiring.

Another great feature of the Tiger Paw LED Connector is that it comes in 3 form factors: A 3.5mm Mini-Jack, 5.5mm Jack, and Screw Terminal.

  • The 3.5mm Mini-Jacks allows you to use any 3.5mm male mini-jack cables to daisy chain a series of strips together, such as those utilized by Inspirred LED. It’s similar to plugging in headphones, an easy plug and play system.
  • The 5.5mm Jacks are used by many in the LED lighting industry and are a bit larger than our mini-jacks.
  • For those who would like to create custom length cables, Screw Terminal Tiger Paws are the answer. Strip any 16 Gauge, or smaller, 2-conductor cable and feed the leads into the screw terminals. You’re able to work your way around a system using your bulk cable.

A great starting point to familiarize yourself with the solderless Tiger Paw LED Connector is our new Cut and Connect Series Kit. It’s offered in a variety of sizes and styles making you the sole designer of your next lighting project. If you’d prefer to purchase flexible strips on your own, the Tiger Paw fits nearly all Flexible LED Strip styles on the market. Feel free to contact us at Inspired LED if you have any questions. Our website is loaded with useful tools and information to make your next project a winner.

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