Magnitude LinDrive Dimmable Transformer

magnitude lindrive dimmable transformer

For the past few years, Inspired LED has been committed to supplying our customers with not only the highest quality low voltage lighting solutions, but also, the best in easy-to-use dimmable transformers. This week, we are excited to announce the addition of a NEW Dimmable Transformer to our power line up: the LinDrive 40W Phase Cut LED Driver from Magnitude.

Let’s explore some of the features which make the LinDrive the perfect option for your next LED install…

Intuitive Designlindrive components

The LinDrive stands at a slim 1 inch in height, making it easier to hide out of sight, and out of mind! Our Lighting Designers typically recommend installing transformers inside or above kitchen cabinets, and since transformer is incredibly light weight, mounting is a quick and painless process.

Whereas our E-Series or Magnetic Series Transformers utilize bare wire (or “flying leads”) to make connections, the LinDrive Transformer features a pair of built-in wiring compartments. Both the input and output sides house a small screw-terminal connector which allows wire to be terminated directly into the transformer itself.

Simplified Installation

Like our E-Series and Magnetic Transformers, the LinDrive is designed to be wired from a high-voltage dimmer switch to low-voltage LED lights, acting as a conversion point between the two. Live wires from standard 120VAC lines are meant to pass through a dimmer switch and onto the transformer, while neutral wires make a direct connection, bypassing the switch. Positive and negative wires are then connected from 12VDC LEDs to the low voltage output. But when it comes to convenience, the LinDrive has the edge on other models.

The addition of screw-terminal wiring compartments eliminates the need for external wire-nut connections altogether.  This helps to ensure solid connections are being made at the termination point, and the ability to conceal these connections provides a cleaner, more finished look after installation. Take a look at our video installation guide for more info!

No Skimping on Functionality

lindriveAlthough the LinDrive may be small, it packs a serious punch when it comes to functionality. Capable of providing up to 40W of smooth flicker-free power, this device is perfectly sized for most standard lighting projects, and it combines easily with Inspired LED Flexible Strips or LED Panels. UL compliance ensures it has been tested to the highest safety standards to prevent any issues during or after installation. And like our other dimmable transformers, the LinDrive features 0-100% dimming, and is compatible with a multitude of tested wall dimmers. You can view the full list here.

The LinDrive 40W Phase Cut LED Driver is now available through our online store. Check out our full product spec sheet here, or find more details on our product page before making your purchase!

To learn more about the LinDrive transformer and other new products from Inspired LED, be sure to visit us at For more information regarding LED system layouts, powering solutions, or general product questions, please contact us via email at, or call us at 480-941-4286.