New Product: Radiant Edge Series 2.0

1Two years ago, Inspired LED’s custom Radiant Edge series panels made their debut as a convenient lighting solution for larger projects and custom fixtures. With a sleek, square profile and a strong light output, this product quickly found a home among our customers with specific home or commercial lighting needs. But while the Radiant Edge panels were a great fit for many, we at Inspired LED are always looking to improve, finding ways to transform good into great, and great into spectacular.

While they may be highly efficient and low-cost, the discrete nature of LEDs often means that these light fixtures can cause a “dot effect”, or a spotted reflection of individual diodes rather than a smooth bar of light.

In fact, it was this challenge which led to the initial design of the Radiant Edge panel back in 2014. Now, some in-depth research by our engineering team, and significant advances in materials technology have opened up a whole new world of possibility for LED fixtures, making this the “year of the lens” here at Inspired LED.

After the highly successful launch of our new Designer Series 2.0 lenses, our engineering team has turned their eyes to the Radiant Edge panel. A few months and several prototypes later, the new and improved Radiant Edge 2.0 was born.


3This new and improved fixture differs from its predecessor in several important ways. First and foremost is the material used to manufacture the lens. By utilizing the same custom blend of acrylic selected for our Designer Series panels, we were able to create a rigid lens which evenly distributes the light from our LEDs into a soft bar of light, while causing a minimal shift in color temperature and CRI.


The second design change came in the shape of the lens used for the Radiant Edge panel. Because of the rigid properties of our new acrylic lens, we were able to transform our original design from one with a 3-sided enclosure, to one with a 3-sided lens. This not only gives the new fixture a sleek, modern look, but also increases the lumen output dramatically. While the old Radiant Edge panel output a maximum of 170 lumens per foot, the new panel produces up to 245 lumens per foot.

Custom Options

4The new Radiant Edge panel was designed to be as versatile as possible. We custom build each fixture to meet the needs of individual customers, which means you have the freedom to specify sizes ranging from as small as 4 inches to as long as 4 feet. We offer a range of standard colors, including warm white (2900K), pure white (4100K) and cool white (5900K), as well as single color red, blue, or green by special request.

In order to make the installation process as simple as possible, our new Radiant Edge panels are also available with several different connector styles: a simple 3.5mm female jack for plug-in systems, a standard screw terminal for those looking to use bulk cable, or a bare flying lead for direct wire set-ups.5

The original Radiant Edge panels were most commonly used for lighting under cabinets or shelves where an LED fixture needed to be hidden. But with the new improvements made to this product, the Radiant Edge 2.0 is worthy of being shown off in commercial displays, over shelves, workbenches, or any other location where you might need an elegant, low profile light fixture.

Inspired LED’s new Radiant Edge 2.0 panels are now available for purchase in custom lengths and a range of color temperatures on our website, as well as through our Design Team, with prices starting as low as $16.80.

For more information on this, or other custom Inspired LED products, visit our webstore. Or to learn more about how LEDs can help to brighten up your home or business, contact us at 480-941-4286 or email us at