Inspired LED : Return Policy

Inspired LED prides itself on the ability to cater specifically to consumer needs. Whether its our all-inclusive kits or unique designs, all products are sent out ready to install and really wow the customer. But what happens when a kit isn’t exactly what you want or you have leftover products from your order? Here at Inspired LED we stand by an open return policy and strive to provide optimal customer satisfaction. Below is an outline of various scenarios and their easy solutions.

I ordered a kit from Amazon and the cable lengths are too long.

cable return policy Not a problem! All Amazon kits are prepackaged and we try to accommodate all kitchen layouts and sizes. We understand that every kitchen is different so will work to make it optimal for your application. Give us a call and we will take care of that exchange for you. You will be issued an RMA number and you can go about getting new cables in two ways:

  1. After you have received your RMA number indicate which length cables you want for our records. Send back the number of cables you do not need and once they are received we will send out the same quantity of cables in the lengths you indicate. This option requires no money exchange and guarantees a quick turnaround.
  2. If you want to complete the install in a faster manner, go ahead and log onto the website and order the cables you need. At your leisure send back the cables you do not need and you will be refunded in full once they are received.

I have extra products that I don’t need, what can I do?

We are happy to take any extra products back. Give us a call in order to get an RMA number. Write that number on the outside of the package and include any corresponding paperwork within the package. Once it is received you will be refunded according to what you paid on the original order. Keep in mind, if you send back products from different orders there will be separate refunds!

I frequently order with the company and have some things to return, can I leave a credit on my account?

Absolutely! If you would rather leave an open credit we can make that clear on your customer account. All credits can be applied to future orders.

One of my lights went out, what do I do?

broken flex strip return policy

Our lights are rated for up to 100,000 running hours. Generally when a light goes out it is due to a defective accessory or it has been bumped or damaged. When there isn’t a good connection on one of the solder pads or resistors the whole strip will turn off. Not a problem though! If it is user error, feel free to send the strip back and we will re-purpose it and send it back ready to reinstall. If it is a defective product, we stand by everything we make and sell here so we will want to replace it for you! Give us a call with your original order information and the specifications of the product. We will walk through some troubleshooting options before hand and then once the issue is determined get replacement parts out for you immediately.

This isn’t exactly what I was hoping for; I am going to go with an alternative set up.

Like all other returns, you can send back an entire order for a full refund. You will need an RMA number and to include all products and paperwork. If products in a kit weren’t ideal or you need something more custom, you can always return and try again. Now that you have seen that product and understand the concept, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of our design services. Simply email in a pictures and corresponding dimensions to and we will do a free layout and design for you.

Overall our company strives for perfection and customer satisfaction. Any questions or concerns can be answered by calling in 480-941-4286 , emailing, or live chatting our amazing representatives. Feel free to reach out at your convenience and allow us to brighten your day with our product and services.