Staircase Lighting: Not Your Ordinary Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can add a touch of elegance and style to almost any area of your kitchen; above cabinet lighting, toe-kicks, inside cabinets, etc. But just a little further outside the kitchen you might find an area of the home often overlooked when it comes to functional and accent lighting.

Staircases come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from just a few small steps to a full grand entryway. Whether indoors or out, step lighting can have many benefits. Let’s explore why lighting for your staircase should be the next item on your home improvement list!

Why LED lighting for your stair case:

  • Long Life: Our LEDs are rated for 100,000 running hours which is about 10 years! This ensures that your lighting will be there when you need it most, and last for years to come.
  • Discreet: Both indoor and outdoor flexible strips are very low profile. They can be mounted just about anywhere without being seen!
  • Energy Efficient: Since our products run on 12V they consume very little energy and help save money on monthly electric bills.

accent lighting outdoor stairs led

Benefits of LED Staircase Lighting

  • Safety: Quality staircase lighting can prevent injury, and help make sure you or your guests don’t miss that last step. No need for a good party to be ruined with a senseless injury! Lighting the hand rail can also be extremely helpful for those midnight snack runs down to the kitchen.
  • Comfort: Families with small children may find an additional benefit in providing a lighted path up to the bedroom, or down into the basement, eliminating those spooky climbs in the dark. Our LEDs will chase away the shadows even in the creepiest corners!
  • Allure: A little lighting can go a long way. Beyond safety benefits, accent lighting under individual stairs, or lighting on the handrail gives any space a warm and inviting feel.

stair accent led lighting

Recommended products: Cut and Connect DIY kits or outdoor flexible strips!

Make sure your home is ready for guests this holiday season with great kitchen under cabinet LED lighting, and accent lighting around your home! Feel free to contact our design team at with any ideas regarding stairs or walk-ways and we would be happy to guide you through your next big idea, or DIY project!