RGB Color Changing LEDs | How to Achieve the Perfect System

Adding colored lights to your home using RGB Color Changing LEDs is a fun creative RGB color chanigng diode chipway to enhance any space. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, the primary colors. Each diode on the strip has one of each color allowing for various colors to be created when each colored diode is dimmed or brightened in conjunction with the others.

RGB Flexible Strips are great for bar lighting as well as an accent light in your kitchen or living room, making you the ultimate entertainer! Color Changing LEDs are very different from our other LED Flexible strip products, and often are not as easy to understand. Let’s explore these differences and see what components you need to create an impeccable system.

Connection Type

RGB color changing LEDs connectionIn the above photo, the left picture shows the connection type of the RGB system – also known as a 4 pin connector.The 4 pins match each color together as well as a ground connector when they are aligned. When using a 4 pin connector, 4 Conductor Cables are required allowing individual color lines to be kept separate as to maintain the correct function of the system. The key to making sure the strips are running in the correct color sequence is to ensure all the color points match on every connection.

On the right side of the picture is our standard single color flexible strip. This is a 3.5mm X 1.3mm male and female connection system. Single color LED systems us wiring know as 2 Conductor Cables – positive and negative polarity. Our single color wiring systems encase a 2 conductor cable into a single DC Mini-Jack connector. No matching is required for this set up, just plug and play!

Accessories and Power

Due to the color changing properties of the RGB Flexible Strips, they can only be used with plug in power supplies, and require a controller unit for the system. We offer many different remote or in line options for RGB systems, as well as a variety of unique accessories for 4-pin connection systems.

Single Color flexible strips can also be used with a plug in system or a hardwire system, and require different accessories than the RGB parts which can be found here.

Layout Assistance

rgb color changing flex applicaiton

We strongly recommend taking full advantage of our FREE design services when considering color changing LED project! No project is ever to big or small. Feel free to correspond with the design team before getting started on a complicated RGB system. It never hurts to make sure you have everything you need for your project! Design submissions can be completed here, or you can email the design team directly at: design@inspiredled.com . For more RGB ideas don’t forget to check out our gallery!