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New Product | Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strips

The Ultimate Flexible Strip

Feeling like you need more light in your life? The solution has finally arrived: Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strips! These strips are meant for applications that require a lot more light than a single row flexible strip, such as our Ultra Bright and Super Bright Flexible Strips.

This lighting is fantastic for:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Offices
  • Other specialty projects

Stained Glass Window, Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strip, LED Lighting

Inspired LED has been using this “new” strip in many business applications over the years or in areas of the home that just need more lighting! It has thoroughly proven itself as a great alternative for many areas.

The Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strips can be used with either a hardwired or plug-in system, and can be paired in the same system with any of our panels or flexible strip products. The flexible strips come with connectors soldered onto each end at your desired length, it is entirely adhesive, and can be integrated into a system simply by the connection of a cable.

Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strip, Cool White and Warm White

The Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strips are extremely bright, measuring at 406 lumen per foot! These strips are so bright they are not recommended for kitchen under cabinet use; however they have been used for other areas in the kitchen such as above the sink or stove lighting.

Auto Supply Store- Double Row Ultra Bright Flexible Strip, LED Lighting

For more information please give us a call at (480) 941-4286, or check out some of our garage and workshop lighting ideas!

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