Hardwire Kitchen LED Light Kit: Now Available With Designer Series Panels

About a year ago, we introduced our Hardwire Kitchen LED Lighting Kit with Pro Series 21 LED panels. We have always had various plug-and-play kits at discounted prices, but never had one that gave our customers the ability to hardwire their systems. Of course, products that allowed you to hardwire your LED lights had always been available as separate pieces, but nothing came as a fully-inclusive package. Inspired LED’s Hardwire Kitchen Kit is now one of our most popular kits.

Because it has been so widely successful and because we’ve had some interest in a similar kit, we are excited to introduce the newest member to our growing family of kits: the Hardwire Kitchen Kit with Designer Series Panels!

designer series hardwire kitchen kit

This hardwire kitchen kit is perfect for medium to large sized kitchens for under cabinet lighting, offices, and more. It is easily expandable and this dimmable transformer can hold up to 30 LED panels before you need to upgrade to a larger size.

Designer Series panels are perfect for under cabinet areas that don’t have lips to conceal the lights because they look more finished than our other LEDs. They are the exact same panel as our 21 LED panels with a single row of LEDs, but they have plastic lenses and caps over the top.

The Hardwire Kitchen Kit with Designer Series Panels includes:

  • (10) 10 inch Designer Series Panels
  • (1) 40 Watt Dimmable Transformer
  • (1) Lutron Diva Wall Dimmer– Available in 5 different colors, paddle switch style
  • (10) Interconnect Cables- You can choose from 4”, 1’, 2’, 3’, 4′, 6’, and 12’
  • cables.
  • (10) Cable Clamps and Screws