Halloween LED Light Suit Costumes

Although it’s not our specialty, we have helped a few people get started on DIY Halloween costumes with LED light. Usually they involve a little bit of LED knowledge and a lot of creative on the customer’s end. Last week, a video came out feature a toddler wearing an LED stick figure costume. It was incredibly adorable and gave a few of our team members the idea to create their own! Our entire team can tell you exactly what you need for you kitchen lighting, patio, artwork, cove lighting, commercial lighting, and more. LEDs on a costume are a bit of a different story and took some tinkering to figure out.

The LED lights that were used were our RGB Color Changing flexible strips, with a mini remote for ease of use. As it turns out, stick figure LED light suits are a lot of fun and completely entertaining.


For a list of more appropriate areas to light up with RGB Color Changing Lights, see below:

Bookcase lighting- Add some excitement to your bookcases and display shelves.

Light up glass counter tops- This type of lighting isn’t common, but it is incredible. The light flows through the glass so seamlessly, making your couter tops unlike any other surface!

Entertainment centers- Man caves, large entertainment areas, and more deserve all of the exciting LED light in the world!

Home or business bar- Because, who wouldn’t love colors in a bar! Check out our music sensor to make your lights change to the beat

Business lighting- This type of lighting is really great for business because we have so many options with color and with controllers.

For more ideas, visit our color changing page or contact us at info@inspiredled.com.