A Bright Season on the Slopes

night skiing with LEDs Cold winds are blowing, there’s a chill to the air, and all across the country people are preparing for the arrival of winter. While many of us are focused on holiday shopping, Christmas parties, and annual visitors, those with a passion for winter sports have something a bit different to celebrate.

With some of the first snowfalls of the season, ski resorts and mountainsides across the United States have been opening their doors, turning on the lifts, and getting ready for a great ski season! Ski and snowboard enthusiasts eagerly make their way to their nearest slopes for some action packed snowy fun. But now, thanks to the magic of LEDs, some lucky patrons will have the opportunity to keep shredding on the mountain even after sundown.

leds for night skiingNight skiing is certainly nothing new for the most extreme winter athletes, but recently, LED technology has made it possible for even the average enthusiast to keep chasing that adrenaline rush after dark. With the benefits of reduced cost, and increased energy efficiency, LED lighting is a great way to brighten up the slopes.

Several years ago, Sunrise Mountain Ski Resort in northern Arizona made the switch to LEDs in the hopes of drawing more people to visit. Since then, they have benefited greatly from the reduced energy costs and increased revenue which comes from extended business hours. Visitors can enjoy the unique experience of cruising the slopes at night under the glow of LED lights, taking advantage of every extra moment on the mountain.

In order to provide the highest quality and safest lighting solution for activities such as skiing or snowboarding, places like Sunrise Ski Resort typically turn to a brightness and color temperature which closely resembles daylight.

Inspired LED offers a whole line of products, referred to as our “pure white” LEDs, which provide this crisp, clean white light. Pure white registers around 42oo on the Kelvin scale, which means it lacks some of the yellow undertones of warm white (around 3000K) and the blue undertones of cool white (around 6000K). The neutral white color of these LEDs helps to preserve the natural colors and shadows of the environment, so whether you’re out on the slopes after dark, lighting up your home or business, you can ensure your surroundings look their best.

For more information on the Pure White LEDs offered by Inspired LED, check out our blog here, or visit our products page. Inspired LED specializes in providing custom, low-voltage lighting solutions for any application, indoor or out! For assistance with your next lighting project, contact our Design Team for a free LED layout and quote just in time for the winter holidays!