Local Lighting Update November

local lighting update november

As the benefits of energy-efficiency and sustainable living make their way to the forefront of our culture, many individuals, businesses, and other institutions have begun taking steps toward a “greener” lifestyle. At Inspired LED, we are always excited to see the new and innovative ways that low-voltage LEDs are being used to brighten up the world around us, and this month is no exception…

Phx ZooLightsFor almost twenty-five years, the creative minds at the Phoenix Zoo have put together one of the largest and most spectacular holiday light shows in the country. This year ZooLights returns to the Valley of the Sun with promises of even bigger and brighter attractions, including 3-D light sculptures, Music-in-Motion shows, and much more!

 Of course, with literally millions of lights running each and every night for more than a month, the Phoenix Zoo will be drawing not just a large crowd of visitors, but a huge amount of power as well. Fortunately, with the help of SRP’s EarthWise Energy program, the Phoenix ZooLights are set to be powered using clean, natural resources, such as the sun and wind. To help keep energy demands as low as possible, for the past few years, ZooLights has gradually been making the switch from standard incandescent string lights to environmentally-friendly LEDs. By the end of this year, almost 100% of the ZooLights will have been converted to LEDs, reducing energy demands by nearly two-thirds.

ZooLights opens November 23rd and will run until January 10th, so make sure you get out there and see the amazing light displays, and all the new features they offer this year!

ASU LEDIn keeping with the trend of “going-green”, Arizona State University recently made the decision to retrofit six large campus parking structures with LED light fixtures. The install began back in 2014, and since then has been making significant strides toward completion.

Sponsored by the Light Works Group, and students in the ASU Sustainability program, the LED fixtures currently being installed offer a much brighter light than the old fluorescent alternative, providing a safer environment for students, staff, and visitors to the parking structures during nighttime events. The University estimates that the project will save $127k in annual energy usage and maintenance, contributing to the goal of a more energy efficient campus, and a brighter future.

Read more local lighting updates by clicking here, or for information on how you can make the switch to energy-efficient, cost-effective LEDs, visit us at www.inspiredled.com. Our simple, easy-to-use products, and free Design Services make it easier than ever before to go green!