Local Lighting Updates for October

This month’s local lighting projects are sure to leave a big impression! We have featured our lighting in many local restaurants, wine cellars, and even on the Scottsdale Waterfront. Now it’s time to check out how local ventures are making the change to LEDs and the huge impact it will have.

‘Tis the Season

On October 21, the largest Christmas tree in the United States made its way to the Valley, from Shasta Trinity Forest located alongside the California/Oregon border. It will be displayed in Anthem at the Outlet Mall Center. The tree stands 112 feet tall and when fully decorated will stand 115 feet tall including the large copper star representing Arizona’s heritage as the copper state. The massive tree will use up to 3 miles of LED’s and require a team of 14 people to help string up the LED lighting. LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes, are used to convert electricity to light using only 1/10 of a watt to produce energy, making them very efficient. Nowadays they are a very common item in homes. LED’s were most likely chosen for use on this tree because LED lights only decrease in output as they age, they typically will not burn out unexpectedly. This will be the 13th year for the Anthem Christmas tree lighting display and will more than likely draw a bigger crowd than ever before! 

local lighting christmas tree

Down, Set… Lights!

According to a local LED source released at the end of September the 2015 Super bowl will be played under LED lights! The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale will be the first to illuminate the entire playing surface with only LED Lighting! The light omitted from LED’s compared to normal bulbs is much crisper, and clean looking, ultimately eliminating shadows on the playing surface. The new lights in the stadium will use just 310,000 watts of energy as compared to the 1.24 million watts previously used. LED Lighting and the advancement of technology will change the way we view sports lighting for the better into the future. Do you think you will be able to tell the difference? For more information on LED Lighting and the difference feel free to visit our FAQ section on the website or our why buy LED section of the blog!

pheonix local lighting

With the holiday seasons quickly approaching we are stepping into the busiest time of year. It seems like a repeating trend that everyone is rushing to get their homes equipped with the perfect kitchen and accent lighting to impress guest and family this season. Can you think of any areas in your home that need a revamp? Visit our website or contact us anytime to share your ideas or questions with us. One of our talented designers will be more than happy to help you!