Outdoor LED Lighting: Affordable DIY Projects to Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Five Ways to Install Weather Resistant Outdoor LED Lighting

August is upon us and many of you still have time to update your outdoor areas before the chill of Fall sets in. Adding outdoor LED lighting are one of the easiest ways to change and update and area without committing to a full remodel. Imagine: a summer barbecue and your deck is lined with a welcoming glow, a gazebo where you always imagined a romantic picnic at sunset but it was just too dark, or your front steps that now emit a soft light so you no longer trip on your way to the door.

Inspired LED’s outdoor strips can be added to your outdoor space as a new system, making installation as easy as 1-2-3. Our 12V DC lights can be plugged into any outlet and are ready right out of the box. Our 12C AC lights can be connected to any current 12V AC lighting system you may already have, which will not require you to install new wiring and power.

5 outdoor led lighting projects

1. Accent lighting in the front of your home can be both pleasant to the eye and functional.

2. Use color to add a little fun in your backyard. This customer purchased a custom outdoor LED strip in blue.

3. Place an outdoor strip underneath rocks or glass in a walkway to achieve this unique effect. This customer used both warm and cool white outdoor strips so that his client can choose either color at any given time.

4. Place a strip underneath each stair to make walking around at night a breeze. Staircases are a very popular and affordable choice in outdoor lighting.

5. Light the railing around your patio or deck to enhance your entertainment areas. BBQing, summer dinners, relaxation, and outdoor parties just became a whole lot brighter!

Add your new LED lights to your current lighting system to control all of your lights together.



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