Major Corporations Team-Up For LEDs

CityLEDsA new trend is taking hold in major cities with help from an unlikely source. It seems the grassroots “green movement” has finally made its way up the totem pole as large corporations finally begin teaming up to reduce energy consumption. Recently, Philips, a premium consumer goods company, announced a partnership with award winning, international non-profit, The Climate Group, whose main goal is to lower carbon emissions.

Together, these two business juggernauts are launching a campaign called “LED”, which stands for ‘lower emissions delivered’. The campaign was officially launched in conjunction with Climate Week in New York City September 21st 2through the 28th, during which businesses and corporations from across the country gathered to discuss ways to reduce carbon emissions. The LED campaign, led by Phillips and The Climate Group, is intended to help motivate city and local governments nationwide to make the shift to energy-efficient light sources.

The companies’ ultimate goal is, of course, to encourage all major cities convert to LED lighting, which in turn will save massive amounts of energy per year. In 2013, the city of Los Angeles made huge strides by converting 140,000 street lamps into LED lighting components, saving upwards of $8.7 million annually.
Light BulbMassive industry changes such as these are already beginning to have an effect on global climate change. But individual members of the public can also contribute to the LED initiative by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Converting a few simple areas in your home or office to low-voltage LEDs can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, while also minimizing monthly energy costs. Whether you decide to swap out a few simple bulbs, or make the full switch to LED strips, the small changes you make can have a substantial impact in the long run.

As the trends of energy-efficiency and “green living” continues to grow, so too will the prevalence of LED lights in our cities and homes. By working with a range of industry leaders and customers to develop cutting edge products, Inspired LED is dedicated to helping lead the way toward a brighter tomorrow.

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