The Easy Way to a Better Home Design: Houzz

design your home with houzz

Remodeling, redesigning, heck, even redecorating can be a nightmare if not properly planned! These jobs require a special attention to detail, but let’s face it, who has time to preform all the critical research necessary to make so many decisions? Websites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy can be helpful when gathering initial ideas. These sites allow you to pin designs or products that you like, even browse through easy DIY and How-Tos, great tools for the basics! But when it comes to big projects, most of us will be tasked with picking a contractor who falls within our budget, and who has a compatible eye for our design. This can be an overwhelming task! Fortunately this is where Houzz steps in.

Houzz is a “one stop shop” website where homeowners can piece together their design ideas, and seek out professional services in their area. Unlike other sites, Houzz allows you to shop directly for products on the spot, seek out project advice, and file through company reviews and project photos to select just the right contractor for your job. Whatever you have in mind for your home, Houzz offers a variety of tools to help you make it a reality!


Houzz Ideabooks allow users to post images from others to use for reference and future design. See a kitchen layout you like? Save it to your Kitchen ideabook! Found a paint color, light fixture, couch, chair, blanket, or counter top? SAVE IT! You can refer to these later as you make choices on design elements. It is the perfect place to keep all the photos you need to show your contractor, designer, etc. exactly what you’re looking for.


Beyond publishing weekly articles, Houzz’s advice section is the MECCA for answering questions. This space allows users and the PROS to solve problems, help decide paint colors, and determine layout or product choices. Got a question about a design or install? All you have to do is ask, and the professionals of the Houzz community will respond with their expert recommendations. You can also search through other users’ questions to learn more about projects you’re considering for the future.


See something you like? There is a good chance it is available on Houzz’s Marketplace! As you scroll through photographs, you can eliminate the need for shopping around by instantly making your purchase though Houzz. Items like indoor and outdoor furniture, small appliances, decor, and much more are available for purchase through the Houzz Marketplace!


Houzz’s PROS section is a virtual library of local profiles containing business information, contact info, photos of past projects, and most important: customer reviews! You can find professionals within your budget and who have the same sense of design. Never has finding someone who you can share your vision with been easier!

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Inspired LED has been a long time user of Houzz, and we have built quite a following among our customers and clientele. Thanks to this loyal following, we ave earned 3 badges in the last 3 years for excellence in customer service. We are hoping to continue this trend and add another badge for our outstanding customer service for 2016! Of course, we can’t do this without you! Your customer reviews are directly tied to our nomination so please, take a moment to write us a review us here: Houzz. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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