New & Improved TV Backlight Kits

Header2Just in time for the start of fall sports and television season premieres, our development team at Inspired LED has been hard at work revamping one of our most popular DIY LED systems- the Universal TV Backlight Kit!

Whether you’re looking forward to cheering on your favorite NFL team, binge-watching reality television, or delving into drama with your favorite fictional characters, chances are you will be sitting down in front of the TV late at night or after a long day of work. The last thing you need when you’re ready to relax is the obnoxious intrusion of headache or eyestrain. Unfortunately, in a world where most of us spend long hours sitting in front of a screen of some sort, this can be a common problem.eye

Frequent or dramatic variations in color and picture, especially in a darkened room, causes stress to our eyes. When exposed to changes in brightness, the pupils in our eyes dilate or contract in order to compensate for the change. The greater the lighting change, the more the eye muscles are forced to flex. So each time your focus shifts between the brightly lit screen and the dark wall behind it, the muscles in your eyes tighten and twinge. After a while, this tension can lead to fatigue, strain, even migraines.

Inspired LED’s TV Backlight Kits offer the simple, yet highly effective, benefit of bias lighting behind, and around, your television. By increasing the luminance of the area directly surrounding your screen, the LED Backlight significantly reduces the contrast in your field of vision. This minimizes the degree to which your pupils are forced to dilate when transitioning between focus on the television and its surroundings.

In addition to reducing eye fatigue, the bias light provided by Inspired LED’s TV Backlight Kits can help to increase the perceived picture quality on your television screen, as demonstrated by the image below…

GreyBarThe grey bar running along the center of this optical illusion is actually one solid color, however as a result of the gradient in the background, it appears as though the bar fades from light to dark. This “simultaneous contrast illusion” demonstrates how our eyes’ perception of color is influenced by the brightness of our surroundings. A similar effect occurs when viewing your television screen with the Inspired LED TV Backlight Kit. The simple addition of this ambient lighting helps to increase color contrast, making images appear crisper and more vivid.

Of course, aside from the functional benefits of our TV Backlight Kits, bias lighting provides a sleek and stylized look, adding to the overall décor of your home even, when the television is turned off!


As a part of our revamp for these kits, we have broadened our design to help accommodate a broader range of television brands and styles. The New Universal TV Backlight Kits are available in a small size (for TVs up to 42”), medium size (for TVs up to 60”), and large size (for TVs up to 85”). Each kit comes with a plug-in power supply, an on/off switch, interconnect cable, and cable clamps, along with a strip of cool white LED flex designed to adhere around the perimeter of your television. For smaller screens, including computers, our new Mini TV Backlight Kit offers the same exceptional benefits from a single strip of light. Each of our backlight kits comes as a DIY system which can be cut to length with a simple pair of scissors, making it the perfect fit for any television or computer screen!

Inspired LED Universal and Mini TV backlight kits are now available for purchase through the Inspired LED website, on Amazon, and Ebay!

Inspired LED is a leading manufacturer and distributor of low-cost, energy-efficient lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications. For more information on how LEDs can brighten up your home, be sure to check out our DIY LED lighting kits, specialty lighting kits, and complimentary design services.

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