Accessory of the Week: New & Improved USB Switch

Accessory of the WeekSince their introduction to the market several years ago, Inspired LED’s TV backlight kits have been a favorite among our customers as a simple but highly effective use for LEDs. Now, these popular kits are better than ever with the addition of our newly redesigned USB switch! This week, we examine what makes this brand new accessory such a great addition to the Inspired LED product line.

The frequent and sometimes dramatic variation in picture brightness from your television screen can cause visual fatigue in an otherwise dark room. A TV Backlight Kit from Inspired LED provides adequate bias light to reduce eyestrain, making your television display seem crisper and the colors appear more vivid.

2Last fall, Inspired LED launched a new and more adaptable range of sizes for our TV backlight kits, allowing customers to use our lights with more television brands and models than ever before. We now offer our Universal TV backlight kits in a small, medium, and large size, designed to wrap around all four edges of a television, while our Mini TV backlight kit features a single horizontal strip for the purposes of lighting small screens.

And as of this summer, all of our TV backlight kits are now available for purchase with our new and improved USB switch!

3This convenient accessory connects your LED system directly to any standard USB port, allowing your lights to turn on and off in sync with your television! While most TV USB ports do not put out enough power to run the LEDs on their own, the USB option acts as a control device which receives signals from your TV. When the TV is turned on, the lights will be powered on, and when the TV turns off, the lights will automatically be turned off as well. This means no more fumbling around for a manual switch, now you can activate your LED backlight kit with the power of your own remote!

4The new version of Inspired LED’s USB switch includes a more efficient PC board layout and an optimized system of internal components which can be used to control a greater length of light. The outer casing has also been redesigned with a sleek new cover and an improved adhesive backing.

The new USB switch can now be purchased as an upgrade to any Inspired LED TV backlight kit on our webstore, and is also available on If you already own an Inspired LED backlight kit and you would like to add on a new USB switch, this item is available for individual sale over the phone for just $10.

For questions regarding the USB switch, or to place an order, contact us at 480-941-4286. Our award winning customer service team is eager to brighten your day!