Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016



Father’s Day is on its way! Are you ready to give that special guy a great gift this year? Coffee mugs and new ties may be traditional, but if you’re looking for something that will really brighten his day, Inspired LED has a few items that are sure to do the trick! Let’s explore our 2016 Father’s Day gift Guide and find the perfect gift for your dad!

father's day garage lightingFor the guy who is constantly covered in grease, and spends most of his time under the hood of his newest or oldest toy, Inspired LED’s Automotive Lift Light Kit is the perfect father’s day surprise. This simple DIY lighting kit features two weather resistant LED strips designed to be used on four post lifts, providing just the right amount of light where dad needs it most.

father's day bar lightingFor the dad who’s always the life of the party, we have a variety of choices for home bar lighting! For a reserved but classy look, try a white accent light under the bar top or behind shelves. If your dad is a bit on the wild side, RGB color changing LED strips are a great way to get any part started!

outdoor lightingIf your dad is known as the “grill master”, why not show your appreciation for his skill by treating him to a few extra hours of cooking in the great outdoors? Inspired LED’s Outdoor Infinity Series is a long-lasting weather resistant lighting system perfect for decks, walkways, patios, gazebos, backyard kitchens and more!

father's day tv led lightingFor the father who is passionate about watching sports, movies, or indulging in a good Netflix binge, an Inspired LED TV Backlight Kit is the perfect gift! These easy-to-use kits are  designed to enhance the colors of the television screen while reducing eye-strain during long viewing sessions.  Inspired LED TV Backlight kits are available in a variety of sizes and can be paired with our USB switch to allow the lights to conveniently turn on and off with the TV!

father's bach workbench lightingIs your dad the “give it to me I’ll fix it” type? A handyman or a craftsman by trade? Whether it’s a hobby, or a day job that keeps him tinkering away in the garage, it’s likely that his eyes and his workbench could use a little extra light, and Inspired LED’s Cut & Connect Kits are the perfect solution. These simple DIY kits come with everything he’ll need to illuminate his work station, and perhaps best of all, they’ll provide him with a quick, fun new project  to complete!

father's day office lightingIf your father is the business type, spending long hours on the job, or even working from home, the gift of office lighting is sure to brighten his day! Inspired LED’s new Designer Series Panels are a sleek versatile lighting solution available in a variety of DIY kits and custom sizes, giving him the perfect amount of light even when he’s working late into the night!

father's day kitchen blogIs your dad a food lover, or the in-house chef? Does he specialize in whipping out delicious dishes for the whole family to enjoy? Perhaps he is just the type of guy to get up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. In any case, some custom under cabinet lighting is the perfect way to give his kitchen space an upgrade! Whether he’s cutting vegetables, reading cookbooks, or just eating out of the ice cream carton, Inspired LED can help to ensure he has just the right amount of light where he needs it most.


Last but not least, gift vouchers are not only a great last minute gift option, but also a convenient choice for the dad who has it all! Inspired LED gift cards can be applied to any of our products, and will also give him the opportunity to contact our design team for FREE assistance on a special project!


For more ideas on how to light up your Father’s Day celebration, check out our products page, or visit our gallery at www.inspiredled.com/gallery.