Insight Series: Recessed LED Can Lights

Insight Series

LED lighting is swiftly taking over as the leader in preferred lighting choices for new commercial and residential buildings, and the demand for different lighting fixtures and solutions continues to grow. Inspired LED has proudly been producing LED light panels, flexible LED tape light, connectors and much more for the past 7 years. But we are always on the look out for the latest and greatest way to meet our customers’ lighting needs!

With so many LED products on the market now, it can be difficult to determine which ones are here to stay, and which ones are doomed to be remembered as little more than a fad. After much deliberation and research, our product development team has concluded that the next big thing in the world of LEDs is the recessed can light.

While many other LED companies have created retrofit kits for existing cans, here at Inspired LED we have decided to take a different approach. Let’s explore a few of the Inspired LED’s Can Light’s unique features, and see what sets them apart from traditional cans, or retrofit options!

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Ideal for New Construction

Inspired LED Recessed LED Can Lights are not intended to retrofit existing can fixtures. Instead, they work best with a new build or total renovation. Standard high voltage lighting systems require running 120V wire directly to the housing unit, or j-box for each can, which must be installed from above. This can mean a long, costly, and sometimes overly complicated install process. Since Inspired LED cans don’t require housing or j-box they can be more easily installed without spending hours up in the attic.

Contractors or electricians will simply need to install a 24V Class 2 rated power supply, along with a series of in-wall rated wire in series or parallel. The Inspired LED can lights can even be wired directly to other low voltage accent lighting. By connecting to a compatible dimmable wall switch, the entire system can easily be controlled from a central location.

Low Profile
recessed can lights from Inspired LED

Often when remodeling or renovating older homes, adding in new light fixtures can be a source of unplanned headaches. Depending on factors like the existing ceiling height, the level of the home, and existing duct work, standard recessed can lights which require large housings or j-boxes might not be feasible. A restricted amount of space for installation can limit one’s choices of fixtures, and it can be expensive to move or migrate existing duct work. But with a recessed height of just under 2″, Inspired LED’s Insight Series can light is the perfect solution when you’re stuck in a tight spot. Furthermore, since our can light can be installed from below, rather than above, it can be worked into areas which might otherwise be too difficult for installers to squeeze into.

Longer LifespanRound Cans 1

Since most LED retrofit bulbs or can light fixtures are designed to be connected directly to a home’s standard power lines, each of these products, by necessity, includes an internal driver or transformer. This is the part of an LED system responsible for converting the 120V AC into a more LED friendly low voltage, direct current. While LEDs themselves are often rated for 50,000 to 100,000 hours, often these internal drivers fail much sooner. These types of internal drivers are not replaceable, so as a result, customers end up having to throw away bulbs or fixtures with perfectly functioning LEDs still inside.

Inspired LED’s can light is different. By utilizing an external 24V transformer with our systems , we are able to not only give our product a lower profile, but we can also provide customers with a way to replace any failed LED drivers without getting rid of any working LEDs. The result is a more cost effective, and simplified replacement process- rather than replacing many individual bulbs or fixtures one at a time, simply swap out the transformer after a few years to revive the entire system.


Inspired LED is currently selling the Insight Series Lights over the phone at 480-941-4286, or in-store at 1733 E McKellips Rd, Suite 112 in Tempe, Arizona. Please be aware the Inspired LED Can Lights are 24V, and will need to be paired with a 24V transformer which can be special ordered through us, or sourced from an outside company. Inspired LED can lights are not compatible with any 12V power supplies or transformers.

 For more information about other new and innovative products at Inspired LED, contact us at and be sure to keep an eye on our blog for the latest product development news!