Making a Bright Return This Year: Stick Figure Costumes

led stick figure costume kitAt Inspired LED, we pride ourselves on knowing how to have a good time, and we love finding new and creative ways to celebrate. A few years ago some of our designers came up with the LED Stick Figure Costume as a way to brighten up their Halloween activities. Last year we officially introduced this DIY kit to our customers with tremendous success! In fact, the costume was so popular, that this year we have redesigned the layout from the ground up to make the Stick Figure Costume kit better than ever. Now, featuring an easy plug & play design and an optional in-line controller for an extra element of fun, the Inspired LED Stick Figure Costume Kit is the perfect way to make a bold impression this coming holiday season!

inspired led stick figure led costume

Inspired LED’s costume design sets itself apart from the competition for a variety of reasons:

  • You choose your clothing: this means your outfit can be cute, comfortable, properly fitted, and appropriate for the weather, no matter where you live! Adhesive backing sticks reliably to almost any fabric, and removes easily without leaving any residue.
  • You choose the shape: other LED Stick Figure Costume Kits only come with one shape, but at Inspired LED we believe girls deserve to light it up too! That’s why our costume kit comes in a long enough length to accommodate both a male and female shape!
  • You choose the color: Inspired LED Stick Figure Costume Kit is available in Red, Blue, Green, or White!
  • New Optional Switch: We are excited to announce the addition of an optional in-line switch, which connects from a 9V battery to your Stick Figure Kit and offers a range of preset modes including flash, blink, strobe, dim, and brighten, as well as turn on and off with the simple push of a button!
  • New Family 4-Pack Bundle: This year we are multiplying the fun by offering a bundle pack of Stick Figure Costume Kits, including four costumes at a discounted price, perfect for a family or group of friends looking to coordinate their outfits for Halloween!

Inspired LED’s Stick Figure Costume Kits won’t be around for long, so get yours now, before they’re gone! For more information on kit components and installation, check out our detailed video here !

If you have any further questions regarding the Stick Figure Costume Kit please fee free to contact us at or (480)941-4286.